Herding Cats, Aliens & Stormy Skies

Road trip stop for sandwiches!

Hello! So – where does the herding cats thing come in? Try organising a schedule to fit in a considerable amount of people and too many sighseeing spots in an international country in a limited time!
Yes – working on our Japan trip as it has to be locked in at some point! I have so many great places I want to show my parents and lots of people to meet – they may come home to Australia slightly ruined.

Anyway – it rained today a lot, so a good day for messaging people and researching trip particulars.
And I did a few photos from the US!

I love taking long drives – I love the scenery out the window, stopping for random picnics (now Wendy knows how essential and wonderful it is to add cucumbers to your sandwiches)

Peaceful roadside stop

I was rapt to stop in Roswell – I love all that tacky alien stuff! I would have liked to have stayed longer to look, but we had a loooong way to go.

We stopped long enough for some silly selfies and a bit of a look and be proper tourists by buying t-shirts and bumper stickers!

I should have bought the alien coke…

Mysterious footsteps

Every which way you turned there was an alien something!

Down the road we found a couple of enormous cowboys! (The photo above looks a bit surreal doesn’t it?)

After the hustle and bustle of the wedding I was stuck in a car for two days with this mad woman –

Its ok – I let her stop frequently for coffee and all was good!
Actually it was just great the two of us – only had about 37 years of life to catch up on!!
Luckily as I mentioned before, we got along like a house on fire and didn’t need to pull over at any stage for time outs! Snicker…

I didn’t get a long way though photos today, but I will leave you with this set of fabulous skies in the middle of Texas somewhere!

The colour and flatness reminded me of parts of Australia too!

Wendy pulled over and I got out of the car here… nearly got blown over! Certainly not hurricane level, but impressive nonetheless!

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