Chop Chop

So – I got back on the bike… bottom less sore today than yesterday so that’s a bonus!!! 😛

Once recovered I got into a few of the vegetables that have been hanging about multiplying.
Have made the first step of the BBQ sauce by making a simple tomato sauce recipe. (See below) Six pounds of tomatoes. That took care of quite a few!!

Even though compared to the amount of plants I have in, not as many zucchinis as I would have thought… but enough!! So got to work and chopped them all up

Five bags for the freezer… these can be used at a later date

Then it was the chillies turn –

Anyone want to come and stay and garden? Will feed you.

The long skinny chillies make such a good font…

Anyway, enough of that – I clearly have too much time on my hands!

I did get outside for a good long time this afternoon and enjoyed some hand watering and picking more stuff!

The corn is now eaten!! I picked the capsicum as I noticed a couple had rotted!! But I was expecting them to change colour. So I tried this one in my salad tonight and it was lovely!  Must be time to make up some spaghetti sauce and freeze batches of that!


Tomato Sauce Recipe (Ketchup)

6 lb tomatoes chopped

2lb sugar

1/2 pint white vinegar (300ml)

2 & 1/2 tablespoons salt

1 teaspoon ground cloves

1 teaspoon allspice

Boil all for about 2 & 1/2 hours, then ‘mooley’ (Or blend or whatever you like to do to remove seeds/skin

Re heat and thicken with cornflour if nec.
Bottle up!


Author: Lisa

A happy traveller through life! Right now living in NW Tasmania with a gorgeous Nurse-Husband, a fool of a Siamese Cat and several chickens. We love our fairly simple lifestyle of growing a lot of what we eat and enjoying the stunning surrounds of our little patch.

4 thoughts on “Chop Chop”

    1. Off the top of my head this makes about one and a half litres. 6-7 x 250ml bottles. I don’t do anything fancy to seal them. The nice bottles have a good cap, but I also use my recycled bottles that just have screw caps. The sauce doesn’t suffer. I have used them a year or two after making them and they keep brilliantly!
      Today I plan on turning this sauce into the bbq sauce (not a recipe I can share since its the brainchild of my chef-sister) but I have run out of it so time to stock up! 🙂

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