Chocolate Covered Raspberry Ice Cream Bites – Almost!

I did a nice healthy pick in the garden yesterday – I see some more tomato relish and sweet chilli sauce coming up! (Not to mention a boat-load of cucumber relish)

I am a little disappointed I didn’t finish my ice cream project today. Seems the mixture needs WAY more than 4 hours in the freezer before I can finish off the final steps

I saw this fabulous video-recipe pop up on my facebook page and decided that I needed it in my life.
I can’t add videos here, but will share it on my facebook page for those who are interested. I will certainly write down the instructions but the video made it look incredibly easy.

So – a 395g tin of sweetened condensed milk into a pot and stir in a pack of white chocolate melts – 225g

Once melted and mixed, pop it into the fridge for 15-20 minutes to chill

While it was chilling I went to scavenge what was left on the raspberry canes (Seriously – be nice of people to share this stuff at the BEGINNING of the raspberry season!!)

Not much but enough

Take mixture out of the fridge and add in a 250g pack of Philly spreadable cream cheese (I am sure any spreadable cheese will suit)

This went into the mixer until smooth then I added 300ml of cream and kept beating until fluffy

I threw in the raspberries and mixed them in by hand. I then added some of my frozen ones just because I could

I lined a square tin with baking paper, put the mixture in and added a few strawberries into the top layer

Even a heart shaped one – I just noticed it has ticked over into Valentines Day here 🙂

Anyway, enough of the romance.
I put this into the freezer which was supposed to be ready in 4 hours for the last step.
Nope – A short while ago I stuck my finger into the very soft mixture and decided it could stay there until tomorrow.
Basically you take it out, cut it into squares, dip each square into melted chocolate and bung them back into the freezer. (Like thats going to end well… haha)
Anyway, can’t wait until I finish these off, re-freeze and taste test!

Then I will have to get off the frivolous cooking train and get my sauces made!


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