Not Sure What I Did Today

“Alas poor Yorick, I knew him well”

Tomorrows subject in the photo challenge is ‘Bones’ Thought I would make use of this cat skull that our chickens managed to dig up a while back!!
And of course there is the star performer, Pip. Who was not at all interested in skulls until Jeff put a few bikkies up there!!

I did this and that today. Not blog-worthy.
A bit of sorting/organising (not a lot really) as in less than three weeks we have three Japanese fellows coming to stay for a few weeks.
(It’s ok… I have a list haha)

I called Fiona and we went for an afternoon hike  – Beau came along too.
Boy, was it ever hot out there tackling those hills! And the flies were dead annoying.
Still… I am sure it took care of some of the excessive potatoes I have been scoffing!

The Banksia are out and look so good!

Was a bit of fun mucking about on the beach… Fiona has a new camera and is off to New Zealand in a few days so have given a few (hopefully useful) tips on using it.

Seaweed Glasses!!

Beau taking a turn with the camera

Tomorrow going to have to knuckle down again and get some more things crossed off my list. (A list that sadly seems to get longer not shorter!!!??)


Crested Terns

Author: Lisa

A happy traveller through life! Right now living in NW Tasmania with a gorgeous Nurse-Husband, a fool of a Siamese Cat and several chickens. We love our fairly simple lifestyle of growing a lot of what we eat and enjoying the stunning surrounds of our little patch.

10 thoughts on “Not Sure What I Did Today”

  1. I always love your beautiful beach pics! It is cold and rainy here in Mississippi so it makes me feel better to live vicariously through you until it warms up again. I was catching up on your posts today and noticed the zucchini slice recipe. I put that on my to-do list for summer. Have you ever tried zucchini brownies? They are delicious and great for when you have an over abundance of zucchini. This is my favorite frugal recipe for them.
    Post a pic if you decide to try them. Warning**they will broaden the arse if you eat a bunch, which is easy to do because they are delish. Ha!

    1. Hello Mississippi! 😀 brrrr… I am happy not to be in winter but glad my summer shots are enjoyed by those in opposite seasons! I do the same when we are in the cold dark days!
      I do like the sound of those brownies! Going to check them out – how could I not when it comes with such a dire warning?? haha Fabulous! Will totally post photo when I get around to trying them! Thanks so much!

  2. Banksia, just had to look them up! Clearly a plant not native to North America. Interesting plant. Did you know that people dry the pods and then use them to turn on their lathes? Make small vases and ornaments. Supposed to be much like Walnut burl.

    1. Yes – they are an Australian thing. The pods are heavy and dense… would be good in the fire I reckon! I have seen some items made for them – the grain is really pretty.
      When they are dry they have these eye-like seeds on them. This gave rise to the characters ‘The Big Bad Banksia Men’ in the famous old Australian books, Snugglepot and Cuddlepie. Adventures of two ‘gumnut’ babies !! (May Gibbs)

      1. Lisa, you sent me down another rabbit hole on the ‘net. Thank you! sound like wonderful children’s books. Will have to search further for examples here in America.

        1. lol!! Winter is the time for it isn’t it?? Net Rabbit Holes! I hope you find a copy of a May Gibbs book for a peek! I love collecting old books but seemed to have failed at adding a copy of May Gibb’s series in that bulging library!
          I’ll suggest one more rabbit hole for you in case you haven’t come across this one – Graeme Base. Australian illustrator/author.
          Keeps kids and adults alike with a nose in a book for ages finding all the incredible items in each scene. Bright and a lot of fun.
          PS – have you read Girl of the Limberlost? I don’t know many people who know it. 🙂

          1. Definitely another rabbit hole to go down! I’m at the stage of life where my beloved library has to be significantly pared down. Books are no longer a thing to collect here, so many discarded ones get collected to be ground up. So sad to me.
            The ones I’m keeping are the children’s books from my youth [includes a first edition of Black Beauty]; my parent’s collection of “coffee table” art books [some in German with drop dead gorgeous color plates]; and the two books my dad wrote including the translations into French and German. We never were able to get our hands on the Russian version, even though my dad knew they existed.
            Take care Lisa, wish I could ship them all to you!

          2. So wonderful to have books that your Dad wrote!! How special is that!!??
            You have a 1st Black Beauty??? (oooo see me turn a little green)
            Books are so hard to store!! Not like a stamp collection!! (also not so convenient for shipping either!! lol) But… right now we are lucky to have a space for books and I love ‘browsing’ to see what I am in the mood for to read.
            The main kids books I collect are Enid Blyton and Biggles (W E Johns) English authors that didn’t seem to be known much in the US but hugely popular in the UK & Australia. Love the original editions with their dust jackets. So beautiful!

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