Planting New Stuff

Cats are not helpful in the garden! Pip kept me company for a while but mostly he just tangled his lead around the garlic then sat his furry fat backside down on it!

I got a few more things planted today – started with the beetroot

I just popped a number of new seeds into the patch and am hoping for the best. The limp looking ones here are actually growing ok – new shoots showing so they might perk up alright.

There were quite a number of good sized self seeded tomatoes in here too – thought I could rehome them

The area I wanted to put them in was rife with twitch so it took a little time to clear a suitable spot.

Moving right along to the failed broccoli patch:

Its a relatively new raised bed, so I am puzzled about where the potatoes came from

They are doing well so I left them in the bed – accidentally dug up a couple of spuds too

The punnets of onion and leek I planted pre Japan were going well so I thought I might as well put them in here. I won’t have broccoli ready for a while… probably if I plant some now then I can put them in where the garlic is as I hope to get that out in the next month.

Happily fit in all the onion (brown and white) then dug up another little patch for the leek.

Lots of my lettuce is about going to seed, so I planted another pot full so I can start again. Going to be annoying to have tomatoes ripen and no lettuce!

The cucumbers are getting visibly bigger each day. Can’t wait to add them to the salad

And some capsicum happening!

I let the two broody chooks out of chook-purgatory. They were so happy to be out! However they were on the nest again tonight when I closed them up – I did drag them out (much to their disgust) and perched them on the roost. Dunno if they stayed there. But they will be back in the trailer tomorrow if they persist!

Hope your day was great!


Broody chook happy to be let out of the trailer this afternoon!

Author: Lisa

A happy traveller through life! Right now living in NW Tasmania with a gorgeous Nurse-Husband, a fool of a Siamese Cat and several chickens. We love our fairly simple lifestyle of growing a lot of what we eat and enjoying the stunning surrounds of our little patch.

2 thoughts on “Planting New Stuff”

  1. Your veggies are looking great Lisa. Been working hard the last couple of days. Wish I had your energy for pulling weeds out. LOL. When we getting another Margie post, those are my favourites.
    I was wondering, what’s the average daytime temp by you in the summer? Here is South Africa I have no hope of growing broccoli or cauliflower in summer, its just too hot, they bolt before they could form a head.

    1. Thanks Harry! But I think I need a squadron of people on hand to sort the weeds!!
      Yes – I must take the camera down to Ruby’s and write what is happening down there with her and Margie! Rubys garden looks quite amazing… as well as the weeds that I need to jump back in there and lend a hand!
      Good question re temps. I haven’t actually been looking. It always seems hotter than it actually is down here. I’ll try again with the broccoli soon and see how we go. I just had a look at the weather – seems we get low to mid 20s I would have guessed warmer than that! Perhaps in a month it will have progressed into the 30’s! 🙂

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