I  got a bit distracted tonight – will stroll back tomorrow with a post as I haven’t gotten in to post process my photos.
Hope everyone has a brilliant weekend planned!
In the meantime… check out how laden the cherry plum tree is!! Here’s hoping they ripen this season before the birds find them! Running alarmingly low on plum jam!


Author: Lisa

A happy traveller through life! Right now living in NW Tasmania with a gorgeous Nurse-Husband, a fool of a Siamese Cat and several chickens. We love our fairly simple lifestyle of growing a lot of what we eat and enjoying the stunning surrounds of our little patch.

2 thoughts on “Hi”

    1. Happy Birthday Linda! Wow – fancy getting snow for your birthday… in South Texas of all places!! I saw some photos from my friends in Corpus Christi and I just assumed they had travelled somewhere cold!! lol. Unbelievable!
      Anyway, hope you have a marvellous day!
      Re netting the trees. We have tried netting some branches before. Its very awkward but we are thinking of trying again this year. The issue with this one is the sheer size! pretty much impossible to net properly. If the season and the birds do the right thing we will get enough fruit. Generally we pick buckets of them before the birds discover them… then when we are fully over loaded the birds come in and clean up! Still, after the whacky season last year, I am nervous about losing them again so reasonably keen to see if we can rig some nets around some branches.

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