Enjoying Summer

It was a really warm lovely summers day.
We got a bit more done around the place – the nice thing about seeing such neglected areas is that when you clean them up you REALLY notice the difference!

Jeff and I finally got on to this bottom patch of the extension of the herb patch.

Not being ready with herbs… and being more than ready with tomatoes…. it got mostly tomatoes

These heirloom beefsteak tomato seedlings I had grown from seed, but left in the hothouse during our trip. They were quite ready to get out of their pots.

I like to soak my seedlings in water to disentangle the roots

Thought I might as well get those laterals in the ground too.

Job done. Another large improvement! I also put a heap of sunflower seeds into the top section. (and snuck a cucumber in at the end. They don’t normally do well outside here, but going to give it a go)

The back paddock got slashed while we were away… but the machines cant get so close to the fence, leaving a few feet of tall grass backing our boundary.
Seeds, snakes, fire hazard and generally not looking so pretty… we got out there with some large hacking tools (knives) and went to work

Much better – but still not finished the whole back boundary. Maybe another day.

To finish up with I went to rediscover the beetroot plot.

Its under there somewhere

There was even some beetroot growing/surviving under all that mess! I need to get back in here to replant seeds and mostly start again with it. As well as get rid of all the other phenomenal weeds in here… but by this stage it was late and I still had the watering to do.

And more strawberries to pick!

Its pretty late and I need to get through a shower before bed… I am slightly grubby! πŸ˜€

Hope your day was great!

Author: Lisa

A happy traveller through life! Right now living in NW Tasmania with a gorgeous Nurse-Husband, a fool of a Siamese Cat and several chickens. We love our fairly simple lifestyle of growing a lot of what we eat and enjoying the stunning surrounds of our little patch.

8 thoughts on “Enjoying Summer”

  1. Lisa – so glad you are back home. I missed all the gardening updates while you were away. You have been so hard at work since your return – hit the ground running! I was out in my flower beds yesterday. We had a beautiful early winter day so I finished cutting down and trimming up what is left of hydrangeas, iris and other stuff. I pulled so hard on some things that my head got full of dirt. When I took my shower the dirt rolled down the drain. Keep sending your gardening posts and keeping us updated on what is going on “down under.” The cold is rolling in today and we are expecting the coldest air of the season – maybe even some snow flurries over the weekend.

    1. Hi Beverly! Thanks for the welcome home πŸ™‚
      Having a chuckle re you raining dirt in the shower! The sign of a good days work in the garden! Its lovely to get out on a sunny crisp day – even if it is a bit cold. But wow… glad I am not seeing snow flurries in our forecasts! I am too ready for summer!
      Stay warm!

  2. I also missed your gardening uldates, glad to see you back! What are those gorgeous pink flowers in the last picture?

    1. Hi Jennifer! I think I missed my gardening updates too πŸ˜€ So great to be back into it! The pink flowers are the Pelargoniums. (I always have to google that spelling!) Kinda similar to the geraniums. I’ll have to take a few full sized photos of the bushes. They are doing quite well!

  3. What a superb job you n yours have done!!
    The garden is beautiful n I know after jet lag are whipped. You will be rewarded in full measure. Leep up the fine job our temp just dropped 8 degrees from 50 to 42 burrrr.

    1. Thanks Linda! Happily its raining today, so I get an indoor break!!
      The jetlag between here and Japan is not so bad… only a 2 hour time difference… but its the loooong haul travelling home that really takes it out of me! Will be good to have a rest day!
      oooo – that is a temperature drop! Chilly chilly!!! Will you get a white Christmas?

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