Hothouse Rearranging

Hello! Bit late on last nights post… internet when down for the night.
See that nice fat bulb of garlic? I am a bit pleased about that. It came from my ‘afterthought’ patch where I bunged in 5 cloves that were trying to grow in the pantry. They clearly loved the area I put them in. I picked this one because it seemed big enough and I just wanted to pick something!

This patch (where the extra garlic is in the back) that survived weedless for so long, broke out while we were away. The rocket naturally raced to seed and a few more self seeded tomatoes came up in there somehow.

So I cleared it out and planted the watermelon in there instead as they needed a home ASAP. Not sure if I will actually be able to successfully grow watermelon outside in Tasmania as you need a long growing season, but I want to try anyway.

Reminder on the hothouse when we came home…

Weeded, parsley gone to seed pulled out and the cucumber & tomatoes tied back.

Better with the tomatoes off the ground so I can see whats happening. I also cut off a few stems to bring them slightly back under control

Little by little!
Hope your day was great too!

(Pip enjoying being able to go back outside again!)

Author: Lisa

A happy traveller through life! Right now living in NW Tasmania with a gorgeous Nurse-Husband, a fool of a Siamese Cat and several chickens. We love our fairly simple lifestyle of growing a lot of what we eat and enjoying the stunning surrounds of our little patch.

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