Weeds – Begone!

Frog appeared as I was turning the soil. Luckily he wasn’t skewered!

Hi! We had a lovely productive day in the garden. Made some real progress (although I might be feeling a bit creaky tonight!)

I started by tying back the tomatoes while Jeff got to work on the crazy weeds in the pathways.

Next was the long overdue tidying up of the garlic! Happily the recent rain made pulling up most of the weeds not too difficult.

I scraped a bit around some of the bulbs. A lot are forming up nicely.

I had a fair bit of clearing to do in the corn patch to see what corn had survived, since hardly any had come up before we left.
Not too bad really. I decided to move some of the ones from up the top into gaps further down in the garden. Previous experience has shown me that popping in seeds into gaps hasn’t really worked.

That left me with a whole clear area to replant three more rows of corn seeds

Still daylight – so the zucchinis got a tidy up too –

From yesterday to today:

There are a number of little self seeded parsley plants and a couple of tomatoes – all to be moved in good time.

Still daylight – so onto the pumpkin patch… this was yesterday:

This was today:

I think Murgatroid missed me – he stayed by the fence and let me pat his nose without trying to headbutt me! Plus I fed him fresh grass! (and sang him Baa Baa Black Sheep)

It was 8.30pm by then so time to pack the gear away, put the chooks to bed, get inside and scrub off the dirt.

I do like before and afters though…

Quite the improvement!

Hope your day was great too!


Baby Apples!


Author: Lisa

A happy traveller through life! Right now living in NW Tasmania with a gorgeous Nurse-Husband, a fool of a Siamese Cat and several chickens. We love our fairly simple lifestyle of growing a lot of what we eat and enjoying the stunning surrounds of our little patch.

2 thoughts on “Weeds – Begone!”

  1. Ahhh… those before and after shots in this post are very satisfying 😀 Good to see you back and well from your adventures in Japan. Looking forward to more garden/flower shots as well as Japan photos when you can find time to sort through more.

    1. Hi Lee and thank-you! I think I might have an indoor day and start on some of those travelling photos – looks a bit gloomy out there. Lets see if I can resist the weeds lol

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