It’s a Jungle Out There!

Well… I achieved my stated goal from yesterday and did not get out of bed until ‘pm’ arrived.
Nothing like your own bed hey?
Eventually I worked my way around to getting outside to really check out the garden.

Everything is so bushy and bursting with growth!

Somehow I need to make sense of this!! There is food under there somewhere! I will have to make a plan on what to prioritise… otherwise I will be running in mad circles getting nothing done.

One row of raspberries is going mad, the other row is very half hearted!

There is a heap of fruit on the way and I even got a few to eat!
One thing… I am extremely glad I managed to get that seaweed down before we left.

We seem to have two broody chooks!

I kept dragging them off the nest today to take their minds off it, but they will need locking up in isolation somewhere so they get bored and forget about it all. Dunno what Screecher is thinking! She is too old to be broody!!

This lush plot of weeds was my beetroot patch! Haha… think I might have to start again!

Pumpkins surviving as most of my apple cucumbers are. And growing quite well. Seaweed has helped this patch stay mostly weed free.

Apple cucumber

Super delighted with my potatoes!

Plenty of snow peas. I didn’t pick them properly though, just a few to nibble on as I went through the garden

Also plenty of cherry plums too!

The main garden looks no better from this angle! Yikes. The broccoli unfortunately raced to seed. Will pull them out and start again.

Happy to see my zucchini doing well, flowers and everything!

Rhubarb is enormous!

I had to get close to see but there is corn in there… once weeded I will be able to see how many plants germinated and survived.

This crazy patch! Supposed to be lettuce. With tomatoes, broccoli and weeds!

One of the more pressing jobs is to weed and mulch the remaining half of the garlic patch. Pleased with the look of most of them anyway.

Of course I couldn’t resist a little weeding as I went around. These tomatoes have gone well… but they need staking and the small self seeded tomatoes in here that are popping up need to be dug up and moved elsewhere… or put into pots for sale.

Carrots – also a little weeding done.

And hello hothouse!

The tomatoes are reaching the roof and have plenty of fruit. They just need tying up and back and getting under control again.

The tiny basil plants that I put in just before we left are doing well too.

Cucumbers are making an appearance.

BUT… here is the most exciting thing found today:

After killing all previous passionfruit vines, I put this one in the hothouse. I went searching for flowers today but found actual fruit! I love passionfruit so I am over the moon that I have a good number of fruit already showing up!

Other treasures included a bowl of strawberries and some pretty flowers!

Well… thats all from me. I am fading fast, but will be up earlier tomorrow in the hope the weather is brighter so I can get the gardening duds back on and dive into it!

Hope everyone had a splendid Sunday!



Author: Lisa

A happy traveller through life! Right now living in NW Tasmania with a gorgeous Nurse-Husband, a fool of a Siamese Cat and several chickens. We love our fairly simple lifestyle of growing a lot of what we eat and enjoying the stunning surrounds of our little patch.

6 thoughts on “It’s a Jungle Out There!”

  1. Glad you and yours are back safely, Lisa, and that you had a wonderful trip through Japan. What a glorious trip for you. I recognize those weedy patches in your garden. Look just like mine after a few weeks away. Just got to weed now.



    1. Hi Carla! Its lovely to be back to a bit of normality. Not that I have done much yet 🙂 We are on a weeding mission now 🙂

  2. Lisa, there’s no place like home! Welcome back and I’m happy you had a memorable trip. Crying babies on airplanes, it’s the worst, I always feel bad for the mom.

    1. Thanks Janet! We loved our trip but so happy to be back home again. I agree… it must be so hard being the Mum or parent with a crying (honestly this one was screaming) baby… apart from all the normal stress they are probably functioning under the impression that everyone on the plane hates them! Would be awful. (I admit after the 3 hour mark I stopped feeling sorry for everyone else except me! haha)

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