This might be my last post for a little while… we are heading off across to Nagasaki tomorrow and sending my folks back to Australia! Not sure how much reliable  connection I will get over the next little while.


Yesterday we jumped back on the Shinkansen to Hiroshima and went a little further to the island, Miyajima. I was so glad it wasn’t as crazy swamped with tourists as the last time we were there… it gave Jeff a chance of seeing it for how beautiful it really is.


We were really lucky to get there at low tide, so were able to walk out to the famous tori which spends half of its time up to it’s ankles in water. The shrine also appears to be floating when the tide is high as well.


We did attempt to sit and enjoy a picnic lunch when we first arived… but the deer soon made that about impossible. They were like bold four legged seagulls that honed in on the rustle of a plastic lunch bag – and did not take no/shoo/bugger off/go away or any hint seriously.

One snuck around the other side of Dad and slobbered on his sandwich, and Dad being of the red headed temperament persuasion said (edited) “Fine have it then” and the offending deer was probably surprised with a very quick deposit of a sandwich practically up its nose. Possibly why we couldn’t  get rid of it and its friends so lunch was extremely awkward for us and extremely amusing for all the other passers-by.


We enjoyed walking through the streets, looking at shops and headed up the hill a short way with the intention of taking the cable car up to the top of the mountain, however time was not going to permit so we just enjoyed the gorgeous countryside as we wandered back to the ferry.


Anyway, we have to be up and out of here tomorrow reasonably early with things to organise followed by a 5 hour train journey!

Best if I got myself to sleep.

Hope everyone has a super weekend planned and I hope to be back to say hi soon.







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