Odds & Sods

Chooks laying well!

Lucky Jeff trotted back off to work tonight – armed with 4 dozen eggs and a big slice of cake 🙂

Our chooks are certainly pulling their weight well!

Jeff had some old bait in the freezer that he thought he would try out on the chickens – was funny, first they crowded around fast to see



Then they all kinda stepped back in horror and suspicion! A  braver one eventually gave them a bit of a pecking, but then spent five minutes rubbing her beak on the ground in disgust!


I suspect the local crows weren’t as fussy as our girls!

I went off into town today – figured I was better away from the house, then I wouldn’t be tempted to be doing things in the garden. My back really isn’t playing the game. I need to remember I am in my mid 40’s not mid 20’s and somehow all the structural bits don’t play nice when you overdo things! 🙂

There must have been a big car rally over at Stanley or Smithton today – so many great old vehicles rumbled past us today!


Cheery waves from everyone that went by too!

OK – I did a teeny bit of gardening – one of the tomatoes in the hothouse had big enough laterals to pinch off


So I popped them in a glass to watch the roots form (I like that bit!)

Working on some free tomato plants

Some of you expressed interest in the calendar I was getting printed. I finally sorted out costs/postage blah blah. You can view the calendar here.
The cost is $16 plus postage. USA & Canada is $8, within Australia $3.  Just leave me a message if interested (no pressure tho! lol) and I will send you an email to organise it.

Have a wonderful start to the new week!


Source Images:  DSC_2977.JPG (Av: F18.0; Tv: 1/1250 sec.; ISO: 1000; FL: 45.0 mm)   Processing:  Fusion F.3 (HDR; Mode 1)
Apple tree under the changeable skies

Return of the Rain

Tea cake! For Afternoon Tea with Ruby

mmmm – I am munching on a piece of cake right now as I type (because thats a sensible thing to do at something past midnight isn’t it??)

I finally got Ruby up here for the afternoon to see her party photos, have a cuppa and read out some of the lovely messages you wrote to her.

She really enjoyed it all. Happily on the larger computer screen she was able to see the photos reasonably well  – helps that I can really enlarge images too so she could get a better idea of faces.

And oh wasn’t Ruby chuffed to hear all your messages and notes from around the world! She said to me that she really couldn’t understand why I was writing about her – what on earth was I doing that for!!??  Then hearing your comments and messages for her birthday and about some of the Ruby Tuesday posts, she understood – how fascinated a lot of us are about hearing of a life in a time that is quite foreign to a lot of us! So thank-you all very much. It really made her day!

Source Images:  DSC_2955.JPG (Av: F11.0; Tv: 1/500 sec.; ISO: 1000; FL: 20.0 mm)   Processing:  Fusion F.3 (HDR; Mode 1)
Double Rainbow in the sky – clearly means that the Phantom is in town – Old Jungle Saying. (Please tell me that someone else other than my Dearest Uncle understands this! lol)

So the rain came back – with its customary off and on mode. And so windy!!! Poor little plants!

Cherry blossom petals like snow. I suspect we have seen the tree at its best.

Anyway – I took a wander about the yard to do a bit of a photographic garden update.

Lettuce looking pretty perky! Only lost one out of the 30 planted! Not bad!
Rhubarb – I thought I had killed them, but both plants doing well. I have never grown it before and I am imagining rhubarb/raspberry pies!
The broccoli that I transplanted from the hothouse has really come good and looks happy
These silverbeet plants have been producing for about a year now! Impressive!
The chooks love them!
Silverbeet up the back, kinda dwarfed by the manky broccoli! Some snails having a feast. I want to clear this patch to put in basil, but I haven’t the heart to do it yet while I am still getting food!
Happy little Zucchini
Sad little Pumpkin! Even under a cover something got in and pretty much ate it to death!! 🙁
Raspberry in the making
I must make a to-do list and put the raspberries at the top!! I will be so cross at myself if I neglect them too much longer!
Look what my amazing husband did yesterday!! I am very much looking forward to planting a lot of stuff in this area!!!

And lets finish up with a couple of the pretties that were enjoying a drink from the sky today!







And last but not least – I’ll take as a promise for tomorrow! Its nearly there but I don’t blame it for staying tucked up during the wind and the rain today!



Spring Flowers


My day consisted of being out and about & some general domestics.

So I thought I would just leave some images of spring here.

Hope your weekend is a heap of fun!

White iris about to bloom
Looking forward to this one popping out
Granny bonnet are out everywhere (Columbine I think)
Lots of apple dishes in the making



Our cherry blossom is clearly grafted as there are two types of blossom on the one tree!

And the rest just cherry blossoms as I am still over-excited to see it everyday


Glorious fluff!






Oh – I did do the right thing by my plants, seeds and seedings by giving everything a good water – even though we have rain forecast tomorrow!


Sensational water pressure from the bore!


Fence Project

The weather is trying to impress us – its working!

Hello! Wow – Friday again. That came around quick!

We had an excellent day – the weather was showing off by not raining again, so we were outside pretty much for all of it.

After attending to seedings, watering etc, we thought we might as well try to do something with the umpteen free pallets we scored the other day

Some will be useful for making ‘stuff’ others will suffice as kindling.
But wait- there’s more! (and willow branches)

I have a fair few pallet projects pinned on Pinterest, none of which I have really gotten into as yet. But we really did need a new fence on the top side of the property

Mostly chicken-proof – but not pretty

All we have done to keep the chickens to their side of the yard, was unravel some chicken wire and bang in a few stakes.

Why not a pallet fence? What’s the worst that can happen?? Can’t look any more dodgy than what we have got.

The chooks were so happy we were digging in the dirt for them again!
Ta daa! First one (Sheesh – what a mess)

Because of the sloping nature of the area, we decided to just plant each pallet in level, but stepped down from the previous one. (Can you tell the expert builders in this area?? haha)

About halfway there

This corner was just getting worse as it got more and more neglected. It was our original compost that went slightly out of control. The stones we put in a pile next to it to ‘store’ but with the weather, a lot has been washed further from where they are meant to be, making mowing a bit tricky.

Source Images:  DSC_2814.JPG (Av: F11.0; Tv: 1/500 sec.; ISO: 320; FL: 20.0 mm)   Processing:  Fusion F.3 (HDR; Mode 1)

Gloves, digging fork and a while later –

Source Images:  DSC_2838.JPG (Av: F8.0; Tv: 1/250 sec.; ISO: 320; FL: 20.0 mm)   DSC_2839.JPG (Av: F7.1; Tv: 1/200 sec.)   DSC_2840.JPG (Av: F6.3; Tv: 1/160 sec.)   DSC_2841.JPG (Av: F6.3; Tv: 1/160 sec.)   DSC_2837.JPG (Av: F7.1; Tv: 1/200 sec.)   Processing:  Fusion F.3 (HDR; Mode 1)
A good start to clearing this area

There should be some good compost underneath. We will make new bays behind this fence to have a place to just throw weeds/garden clippings that is separate from my other composts

Things got really serious! Out with the power tools!

We had to leave a certain gap to fit a new gate – this pallet was about 20cm too wide!
Chook approval

By the end of the day we were pretty pleased with ourselves.

Source Images:  DSC_2831.JPG (Av: F16.0; Tv: 1/160 sec.; ISO: 320; FL: 20.0 mm)   DSC_2832.JPG (Tv: 1/125 sec.)   DSC_2833.JPG (Tv: 1/80 sec.)   DSC_2834.JPG (Tv: 1/60 sec.)   DSC_2830.JPG (Tv: 1/100 sec.)   Processing:  Fusion F.3 (HDR; Mode 1)

Better than the other manky fence. Now I am trying to work out whether to paint it (which we should probably do to extend its lifespan a bit – they are only pallets afterall, can’t expect too much) and what colour, and perhaps plant something at the base, or even a hanging/wall garden…

I tell you, the nicest part of the whole day was plonking my backside down under the cherry blossom to just enjoy lying on the grass looking up at the sky and pink fluffy blossoms. I even got Jeff to join me for a few minutes of nature appreciation!

Time to face-plant my bed.

Have a super weekend everyone!



Clear Nights


Source Images:  DSC_2799.JPG (Av: F8.0; Tv: 39 sec.; ISO: 1600; FL: 20.0 mm)   Processing:  Fusion F.3 (HDR; Mode 1)

I pottered about today – my biggest achievements were uncovering seedings, watering gardens and covering them back up again. I enjoy watering 🙂

Clear skies mean I can have a bit more of a play trying out night shots. Its amazing what the camera picks up that the eye doesn’t see – especially when enhancing them a bit.

Source Images:  DSC_2792.JPG (Av: F8.0; Tv: 31 sec.; ISO: 1600; FL: 20.0 mm)   Processing:  Fusion F.3 (HDR; Mode 1)
This crazy spotty photo is not dust – Stars upon stars!

Anyway – was just experimenting trying to get the cherry blossoms in the frame with the stars – in between inconvenient trucks and their massive headlights driving past!!

Source Images:  DSC_2789.JPG (Av: F8.0; Tv: 29 sec.; ISO: 1600; FL: 20.0 mm)   Processing:  Fusion F.3 (HDR; Mode 1)

Anyway – its a work in progress! We do get the Southern Lights in Tasmania – but I haven’t seen them yet! I would love to capture an aurora on my camera! I just have to practice my skills, just in case I am lucky enough to see one!

Hope your day has been lovely!


Source Images:  DSC_2795.JPG (Av: F8.0; Tv: 46 sec.; ISO: 1600; FL: 20.0 mm)   Processing:  Fusion F.3 (HDR; Mode 1)



Slightly Overdoing Things

Getting Pip back out in the great outdoors

Yesterday we worked pretty hard in the duck yard – trying to really make way on those weeds!


My main aim was to get one decent patch ready and prep it for putting in the first patch of corn

The chooks are pretty disgusted that we have shut them out of the duck yard now – where all the good worm pickings are!

Jeff’s fan club of chicks
Source Images:  DSC_2753.JPG (Av: F16.0; Tv: 1/320 sec.; ISO: 500; FL: 75.0 mm)   Processing:  Fusion F.3 (HDR; Mode 1)
Pretty afternoon view – nice to look up from the dirt every now and again!
Last bit for yesterday
Digging over the spot I want to plant corn
Blood & bone to hoe in – and happily it rained overnight to soak it in better
That was as far as we got yesterday

I also decided to risk putting out my tiny heirloom beefsteak tomatoes into the outside bed.


I of course gave them a little hothouse each


Oh my goodness – I can’t tell you how much I hurt last night… and today probably worse! haha – I knew I was pushing it a bit yesterday, but the end was in sight and I couldn’t leave the job. Serves me right. I am not twenty something anymore!!

So… today I thought I would take it easy.

This is me taking it easy – first step… go and plant 60 seeds of corn



Oh look! I didn’t know I had a pot with celery growing in it!! Lucky. Better plant that in the garden properly



Damn – I really don’t want another massive broccoli plant in the hothouse over summer…

I tried not to disturb the roots too much


Now out in the garden outside where it is looking really unhappy! Oh well… it has to toughen up!


While I am at it, this self seeded tomato needs to join its tomato friends outside too


While I was in the hothouse mood, I figured I could plant out a few of the heirloom capsicums and prep a spot and plant the cucumbers too

So tiny!!!!
I have high hopes for these three cucumbers

A rogue banana-passionfruit had taken root in the hothouse and was growing madly everywhere – so I dug that up too and moved it. Tied it to the fence and it has to take its chances too – sink or swim.


I also had to tie my snow peas back towards the climbing frame, as the wind keeps pushing them forward, not giving them a chance to latch on and climb up.

ooooo – and look! Beetroot!! Self seeded in the hothouse, and little attention from me. Bonus!


By this time I must admit to walking slightly crooked, so had to give up and come inside where I treated myself to a heavenly radox bath!!

Spring colours

Anyway, time for me to head back outside and cover all the little seedlings and say goodnight to them!

Hope you had a lovely day!


Pip in a chatty mood!

Ruby Tuesday – Strawberries In

Ruby’s first raised garden bed!

Hello! I am a bit all over the place when it has come to keeping my Ruby Tuesday schedule… We have been back and forth a lot more, dabbling in her garden while the weather has been kinder.

Earlier this week you saw we filled up her new raised garden bed – naturally as soon as we were out of sight she was back in the garden digging up strawberry plants and getting them in! I really hope she enjoys using this newfangled garden!!

Last week Ruby’s potatoes looked like this-


Yesterday while Jeff was chopping wood and filling the trailer, I attended to a few garden issues, like the potatoes

Lots of tiny weeds pulled up and hoed between the rows


Lots of colour everywhere. I really like the way Ruby has so many flowering plants in among her main vegetable garden. Its productive AND pretty!




After some advice from a reader, (Thank-you Amy) I went and asked Ruby if I could collect some nasturtium seeds, as I plan to try to grow them among the pumpkins and zucchini

Source Images:  DSC_2691.JPG (Av: F16.0; Tv: 1/80 sec.; ISO: 500; FL: 20.0 mm)   DSC_2692.JPG (Tv: 1/60 sec.)   DSC_2693.JPG (Tv: 1/40 sec.)   DSC_2694.JPG (Tv: 1/30 sec.)   DSC_2690.JPG (Tv: 1/50 sec.)   Processing:  Fusion F.3 (HDR; Mode 1)
Lots of seeds under here!

Oh course, a visit is not complete without a cuppa. But this time the nurses got together to… nurse! lol  Jeff needed a BP reading for a doctors appointment so Ruby was delighted to get out her blood pressure cuff and sort him out!


Therein ensued a very nursey talk about how things were done in the old days, equipment etc.  Jeff was saying he was so glad he worked in the time of electronic thermometers!  But Ruby loved the old style thermometer… simply because it took some time to register and get a reading, she said it was the only time they got to sit and rest!

Once a nurse… always a nurse!

Next on our list when we go to collect more wood is to juice as many lemons as possible and freeze! Look at how wonderful her tree is!


Hope you have had a great day!


PS occasional extras on my facebook page



More Vegies In The Ground

Sorry – more blossoms! This will probably continue for a while!!


The promised sunshine continued – so it was another outside, out & about day.  We picked up about 20 free pallets, so now I guess I will have to roam about Pinterest to see what we can do with them all!

So – do you notice anything different about this plot since yesterday?


A small amount of weeding got done, but a ton of rocks got relocated

These were not light!!!

We will be using them as a border for a new garden at some point. In the meantime I know Jeff will adore mowing around them.

Anyway, back to the never ending weeding in the duck yard. I dug this part of the plot over despite the ‘help’ from many chickens! Its nerve wracking using the fork as there is a good chance of skewering one as she dives for a worm!


Several pumpkin & zucchini now have new homes. I am a bit naughty about the whole ‘hardening off’ process. Meaning I don’t bother.  I cover them in plastic bottles in the evenings, let them out when the weather is nice then gradually forget to cover them up at night. They are usually used to the whole big outdoors by then. Also acts as a barrier to slugs and snails


It just felt good to plant something else.

With more seeds and seedlings in the garden now, I feel compelled to get out there and hand water. So the evening routine is a bit longer, and we are coming in for dinner a lot later these days.


Snow peas
Enjoying the afternoon sun
Putting the apple cucumber and marigolds to bed
Pleased with the lettuce so far

We went into Ruby’s and collected more of the wood from her fallen trees. I’d like to use some of these as seats and some as planters. So not all is destined for the fire


My little flower plot out the back is showing progress! I am seeing all three of the seed types above ground now!

Marigold & sunflowers
Sweet peas

The gilder rose has totally fooffed out in recent days too! (yes I made that word up, but I like it)

I prefer to call it our snowball bush!

Hope your weeks starts fabulously too!


Apple blossom

Sunny Sunday


Blue skies ALL DAY!! What a treat!!

We decided to nip down to Ruby’s and fix up her new raised strawberry bed. She also had a couple of trees come down & we wanted to start collecting the wood she has offered to us (apparently its going to be just burned anyway, so it might as well get burnt in our wood fire)

Ruby supervising Jeff

We picked up a half scoop of topsoil to help fill the new bed

Layer of newspaper to deter weeds

The raised bed had been placed in a totally different spot to what we discussed earlier. Ruby had been out in the garden – weeded the new area, relocated some garlic and got Margie to help her move the bed!!! I think Ruby reacts really well to the better weather!! 😀

I did a few layers with straw
Topped with a few bags of the super-dooper compost she got for her birthday

I offered to plant her strawberries in it for her, but she wouldn’t hear of it! We had to go in for a cuppa and I bet the moment we were gone she was out with her trowel putting them in! I shall see tomorrow!!

Starting to collect the logs taken from the fallen tree

We also swung by the local hardware shop to see if they had pallets they wanted to get rid of. We picked up a boot load of offcuts – don’t have a plan for them, but I am sure they will come in handy.

(BTW Boot=Trunk in case some North Americans hadn’t heard that one before) 🙂

Love free stuff

Anyway – back to a few more hours in our duck yard – here is where we started today


This is where we quit


I guess there is a difference!!!

We had Pip out for a while – he has spent way too many days buried under the doona. Today he channelled his inner Siamese and howled a lot!! But I think he enjoyed himself!

Me looking terribly glamorous & Pip hitching a ride on my shoulders!

I think at about 6.30pm, Jeff and I decided to quit looking for weeds and enjoy being nerds for a while. We got out the metal detector to see what we could dig up… which was a lot of nails. and a nut. 🙂


Time for me to crawl into bed – weather is meant to be great again tomorrow so no lolling about whinging about the rain for me!

Hope your weekend has been brilliant!




A Distinct Lack of Rain


Nice to sit on the back veranda and enjoy a little warmth for a while! I even let my indoor seedlings out for a stroll!

Slowly toughening them up

I bought some apple cucumber seedlings yesterday. I have had success with them in previous seasons – meaning I have been swamped with bucketfuls! Since I plan to sell excess food this season, I figured they would be a good addition to the vegie patch


The parsley is still a little out of control – but I figured I could transplant a few to make some space – and dig up the rogue potatoes


I found some fence thingy that had been left here on the property that we have used in the garden before. Today I planted it in the spot where the cucumbers were to be planted. Hopefully they will be happy about climbing up it.

They got watered in with some kelp juice and covered with some of my plastic bottles to stop any keen slugs from munching on them while they are young and tender

Time to get the beetroot in the ground too



Tomatoes mulched
Spare spot under my bean arch – good place to move some of the parsley to
Hopefully they wont die of shock – but I have enough that it won’t be a tragedy if they do.
According to Ruby – potatoes at this stage benefit from running a hoe between the rows. So I did.


I also started to plonk in a few of my marigolds around in the vegie patch. Hopefully will attract bees and ward off bugs


I also finally got on top of the weed situation at the entrance of the main vegetable patch – its been bugging me for ages, but really not a priority, as other places we needed to weed to plant food. This area is mostly just aesthetic.



All in all, I feel like I have been reasonably productive and pretty happy with how things are progressing.

Hope everyone’s weekend is great!


Surveying my domain!