Tea Cake Recipe

I can’t quite find in past posts if I shared the recipe for this one.

So… because I was embroiled in housework all day I thought I would just share it with you tonight instead of boring you with tales of vacuuming and window cleaning!

This is a recipe from my Great Grandmother.
Its not fancy, but its a lovely easy cake to whip up and you are more than likely to have all the ingredients on hand. And I think its ‘Tea Cake’ as in ‘Afternoon Tea’
Now I am talking about it I wish I had baked another one today!


1/4lb butter/marg (125gm)
1.5 cups sugar (due to slight guilt I use a little less)
2 well beaten eggs
2 cups Self Raising flour (Sifted)
1 cup Full cream milk
1 teaspoon vanilla essence


Cream butter and sugar
Add eggs
Add flour and milk (and vanilla) alternately and beat well

Pour into well greased round tin (I line bottom with baking paper)

Put into a ‘hot’ oven (I preheat to 200C)(392F) then turn back to 180C (356F) 5 minutes after I put the cake mixture in.
Cook for about 30-40 minutes. Just test with skewer
Butter top while warm and sprinkle with cinnamon and caster sugar!

Enjoy xx

Zucchini Slice Recipe

Hello! Hope Monday wasn’t/isn’t too tragic for everyone!
Well… that’s the photo I was working on yesterday. Hopefully some of you will recognise what I was trying to do.
For those who don’t know – its a wartime propaganda poster (well, my copy of. I am not quite as glamorous as the original Rosie the Riveter though!!)

Anyway… I like my new hair bandanna so I wore it today as I spring cleaned the sunroom… here is the appalling before photo (I am such a clutterer)

Too easy for me to just drop things when I am busy and in a hurry!
Anyway, its all cleared out, vacuumed, mopped and de-spidered. I don’t like sprays, but sometimes we go for a surface spray to keep them from taking over.

I spent some quality time with Merv, Kevin, Annabelle, Daisy, Gertrude, Bob and the rest of the gang in Mealworm City (ie I cleaned their box out)

They are active and happy, so I must be doing something right.

Latest beret… I lashed out on some fancy yarn. I undid half of it as the thicker wool was making it huge. Now its more kid sized. Fits on my head but not as well as the other ones.
Its pretty tho.

I had a lovely time in the garden digging potatoes. I love doing that so much! I got a good amount in one go so I can leave them alone to grow for a while longer. I ate some of these tonight.

Then more apple cucumbers, a big zucchini and a few more tomatoes!

There was a bit of discussion about what a zucchini slice was yesterday!! I didn’t realise that everyone in the world who ever grew zucchinis didn’t have this as their ‘go to’ recipe!! 😀
Anyway, its half loaf, half omlette:

This was before I cooked it. Its quite flat.. an inch or so high.

375g (14oz) grated zucchini (pffft… who measures? Just keep grating)
1 large onion finely chopped
1 large carrot grated
1 cup grated cheese
3 rashers of bacon chopped
1 cup self raising flour
1/2 cup oil
5 eggs salt/pepper
Combine vegetables, bacon and cheese
Add flour – stir through with some salt & pepper
Whisk oil and eggs then add to the mixture
Pour into a baking tray (well greased or lined with baking paper)
Bake at 180C (350F) until golden brown (30-40 minutes)
Serve with some fresh garden salad and enjoy!
You can add other things if you like (sun dried tomatoes??) Its pretty versatile.
Have a great day!
(A goodnight show!)

Pikelet Recipe

Just in case someone wanted to know how to make up a batch of pikelets, here is the recipe I use:

1 cup self raising flour – sifted

pinch salt

1/2 teaspoon bicarb soda

2 tablespoons sugar

1 egg

1/2 cup sour milk (add a teaspoon vinegar to fresh milk or do what I do and just use normal milk!!)

1 dessert spoon of melted butter

Mix all ingredients into a smooth mixture. Dollop spoonfuls of batter on a heated non stick fry pan – flip and cook until golden

Serve hot with butter and your choice of jam etc… or just butter!
They are good cold too.

Wonderful for afternoon tea… but not so smart to eat almost a whole batch at 10pm… just so you know 😀

Zucchini Slice

Our zucchini’s are showing no signs yet of laying down and giving up for the season.
Its when you start frantically scratching about to make something else out of them – especially when the freezer is chokkas!

Anyway – below is the zucchini slice recipe I use.
Add a nice side salad and dinner is good to go!

(All photos below courtesy of my sister, Rosemary)


375g (14oz) grated zucchini
1 large onion finely chopped
1 large carrot grated
1 cup grated cheese
3 rashers of bacon chopped
1 cup self raising flour
1/2 cup oil
5 eggs

Combine vegetables, bacon and cheese
Add flour – stir through with some salt & pepper

Whisk oil and eggs then add to the mixture
Pour into a baking tray (well greased or lined with baking paper)
Bake at 180C (350F) until golden brown (30-40 minutes)

Its a recipe you can play with a bit – adding things like sun dried tomatoes etc.
A nice easy dinner to prepare!



Sister Visit!

So awesome to have one of my sisters back in Tasmania for a visit! I picked Rosemary up this morning and we started in style with a late cooked brekkie – with thanks to the chooks!

Photo by Rosemary – I was busy wolfing mine down to pause for a photo!

Totally hit the spot!

Jeff was sleeping off another night shift, so it was just the two of us for the afternoon. After a tour around the very neglected garden, we set off to do a walk. It was an overcast day, but pretty nice out there!

At some point I will have to get a greater collection of rock photos from down here… I love the colours & textures.

Back home we picked the first of the pumpkin and the last of the corn! Rosemary got the honour of eating the corn! 😀 I was glad there was one left to share!
We made a pumpkin soup and fresh salad

Such a small pumpkin!!
Colour inside was pretty good.

Pumpkin soup is best if you roast the pumpkin first!
I have probably blogged it down somewhere before, but anyway – its a really simple soup.
I frizzle up some onion and garlic, then add in a litre of chicken stock. A couple of medium sized potatoes and the baked pumpkin. Boil then simmer.
When the potatoes are cooked I blend the lot then add a can of coconut milk.
Done. Easy. Tasty!


Chop Chop

So – I got back on the bike… bottom less sore today than yesterday so that’s a bonus!!! 😛

Once recovered I got into a few of the vegetables that have been hanging about multiplying.
Have made the first step of the BBQ sauce by making a simple tomato sauce recipe. (See below) Six pounds of tomatoes. That took care of quite a few!!

Even though compared to the amount of plants I have in, not as many zucchinis as I would have thought… but enough!! So got to work and chopped them all up

Five bags for the freezer… these can be used at a later date

Then it was the chillies turn –

Anyone want to come and stay and garden? Will feed you.

The long skinny chillies make such a good font…

Anyway, enough of that – I clearly have too much time on my hands!

I did get outside for a good long time this afternoon and enjoyed some hand watering and picking more stuff!

The corn is now eaten!! I picked the capsicum as I noticed a couple had rotted!! But I was expecting them to change colour. So I tried this one in my salad tonight and it was lovely!  Must be time to make up some spaghetti sauce and freeze batches of that!


Tomato Sauce Recipe (Ketchup)

6 lb tomatoes chopped

2lb sugar

1/2 pint white vinegar (300ml)

2 & 1/2 tablespoons salt

1 teaspoon ground cloves

1 teaspoon allspice

Boil all for about 2 & 1/2 hours, then ‘mooley’ (Or blend or whatever you like to do to remove seeds/skin

Re heat and thicken with cornflour if nec.
Bottle up!


Plum-Worcestershire Sauce Recipe

Hello! I was going to try and do nothing today.
I am not actually very good at doing nothing.
Happily the kitchen that I destroyed yesterday got sorted out though!
Below is the recipe for the Plum-Worcestershire sauce recipe for those that are keen.
Sorry – a mix of imperial and metric measurements – just to keep you on your toes!

Step One – Find a whacking great pot.


3lb dark plums
3lb white sugar
2lb brown sugar
3 X tins of treacle (1 tin 850g)
7 pints vinegar (OK – thats 4.2 litres)
1/2lb garlic (Its ok to put more)(Chop small or whizz-up)
1 oz (30g) white pepper
1 oz allspice
1 oz whole cloves (I only had ground and ended up putting in 8 teaspoons.)(Seemed ok 🙂 )
1/4 oz Cayenne pepper
1/2 oz ground ginger
2 Tablespoons salt


Put everything into your oversized pot together and bring to boil. This took a looooong time for me.
Don’t let it boil over. Really. Don’t.
Let simmer until the stones leave the plums
Strain pips and skin (And whole cloves if you used them)
Reboil for an hour.

Sterilise bottles (a LOT of bottles) in your oven, (I put mine in at 100C/212F) when too hot to touch I take them out and pour the sauce in – pop the lids on and voila! Lasts for ages.
Wonderful in your home made hamburgers/rissoles. I like it in spag. bol. sauce and usually splash some in casserole dishes as well.



Chocolate Covered Raspberry Ice Cream Bites – Almost!

I did a nice healthy pick in the garden yesterday – I see some more tomato relish and sweet chilli sauce coming up! (Not to mention a boat-load of cucumber relish)

I am a little disappointed I didn’t finish my ice cream project today. Seems the mixture needs WAY more than 4 hours in the freezer before I can finish off the final steps

I saw this fabulous video-recipe pop up on my facebook page and decided that I needed it in my life.
I can’t add videos here, but will share it on my facebook page for those who are interested. I will certainly write down the instructions but the video made it look incredibly easy.

So – a 395g tin of sweetened condensed milk into a pot and stir in a pack of white chocolate melts – 225g

Once melted and mixed, pop it into the fridge for 15-20 minutes to chill

While it was chilling I went to scavenge what was left on the raspberry canes (Seriously – be nice of people to share this stuff at the BEGINNING of the raspberry season!!)

Not much but enough

Take mixture out of the fridge and add in a 250g pack of Philly spreadable cream cheese (I am sure any spreadable cheese will suit)

This went into the mixer until smooth then I added 300ml of cream and kept beating until fluffy

I threw in the raspberries and mixed them in by hand. I then added some of my frozen ones just because I could

I lined a square tin with baking paper, put the mixture in and added a few strawberries into the top layer

Even a heart shaped one – I just noticed it has ticked over into Valentines Day here 🙂

Anyway, enough of the romance.
I put this into the freezer which was supposed to be ready in 4 hours for the last step.
Nope – A short while ago I stuck my finger into the very soft mixture and decided it could stay there until tomorrow.
Basically you take it out, cut it into squares, dip each square into melted chocolate and bung them back into the freezer. (Like thats going to end well… haha)
Anyway, can’t wait until I finish these off, re-freeze and taste test!

Then I will have to get off the frivolous cooking train and get my sauces made!


Muesli Bars

Plums from Ruby’s tree!

Hello! There is Friday gone! Hope everyone has some excellent weekend plans.
Clearly my Saturday plan will be something to do with sorting/cooking the plums Jeff brought home from Ruby’s that he helped pick!
So happy – my upcoming plum jam crisis has been averted (for now)

Well… my husband is getting a bit more daring in the kitchen! (proud wife moment) He looked up how to make muesli bars (or granola bars) and went off on his merry way.
The first batch was excellent, so we did another lot today

I will add the recipe at the end of the blog for anyone that is interested in giving them a go

Some of our dried apples from last season

Since you can get a bit creative about what goes in them, I started having thoughts about strawberries

Pickings are getting slim, but I put these on to dehydrate today as I reckon they will be awesome in the next lot of muesli bars

I can’t tell you how good strawberries smell as they dehydrate!
Dried apricot always my favourite
Rolled oats, honey, desiccated coconut

And here is a Jeff-Action shot, just for his parents to see 🙂

Half an hour in the oven and ‘Voila’

Tasty and will be excellent to take on our 6 day hike across Cradle!
The plans are all coming together!



9×9 inch pan – criss cross with wax paper going up the sides and also grease paper

Preheat oven to 165C (325F)


2&1/2 cups oatmeal (we used rolled oats)

1/4 cup desiccated coconut

2 tablespoons brown sugar

1/3 cup vegetable oil

1/3 cup honey

1 teaspoon vanilla essence

Then – make up one cup of whatever you like to add to your bars. It can include, crushed nuts (we have used almonds and cashews) dried fruits – so far we have used apple, apricot, sultanas, – choc chips.


Mix well all ingredients and press down into your tin really firmly

Put in oven for about 30 minutes

Allow to cool COMPLETELY in tin. Once cool, you can remove and slice!


Not a lot from me today. I am still doing things in slow motion thanks to my shoulder which is still not playing nice at all.

But I did get my relish made! So happy to be restocked! (See bottom for recipe if you are interested. Its a lovely old fashioned one from my Nanna)

I hung out some washing and then got sidetracked by shoveling some dirt around the ‘boardwalk’ and putting some rocks back at the front to try to blend it more… then figured that was a worse than bad idea. (not what I did but because it wasn’t really helping my shoulder much)

I played with my garlic scrapes – just trying to put them all in a bowl to do something with

Someone had suggested making garlic infused olive oil which I was keen to try – then read there is a high risk of botulism from the process, so I got nervous and abandoned the idea. Still not sure what I will use them for

I did do some housework – but didn’t get all that far. So I sat down for a bit and finished Miss Emma’s late late late Christmas present

Nearly done
Done! (again – night time not the best light for the colours but you get the idea!)

So… looks like I might achieve an early night tonight!! You never know!


Recipe for my Nanna’s tomato relish:


6lb tomatoes (3kg)
2lb onion (1kg)
2lb sugar
Vinegar (you can use white, malt or cider vinegar)(Avoid malt if you are keeping it gluten-free)
2 tablespoons curry powder
3 tablespoons mustard powder
Cornflour to thicken


Chop tomato in to approx 1cm chunks (You can peel if you want to but I don’t)
Dice onion
Put both in large pot, mix and sprinkle top with a handful of salt and leave overnight.
In the morning, drain off excess liquid.
Pour vinegar over the mixture until covered/saturated.
Add in your sugar and bring to boil… then let cook slowly for an hour or two.
Prepare about 10 good sized jars by washing and sterilising in the oven at 100C
In a separate bowl mix your curry & mustard powder along with a couple of heaped spoonfuls of cornflour add some water and mix into smooth, runny paste. Stir into your tomato mix and cook for a few more minutes.
Pour hot into your jars and seal with lids. (Apron good – can be messy and splashy!)