Potatoes Are In

So happy today to finally get my potatoes in the ground!
It wasn’t the best spring day – I had resigned myself to housework tasks as it rained off and on all morning. But then it seemed to clear somewhat and even be reasonably warm… took a risk and went outside!

Normally I would like to dig this in and leave it a week… but I am too impatient now to just get stuff done.

I redug the plot and sprinkled the blood and bone in

Then made a bit of a grid pattern with an old broken gardening tool

I tend to leave my potatoes uncovered until I have planted them all – basically so I know where they are and I don’t trample them

I used up all the seed potatoes and moved on to the leftover potatoes in the shed that are trying to grow

Plot number one held 54 plants.
Moving on to plot number two…

I had to rake back all the seaweed then weed a little bit – but not much as the seaweed did a grand job of suppressing most of the weeds.
Then had to dig it over, then dig in the blood and bone before planting

I managed to squeeze in another 40 potatoes here.

I was digging up magnificent worms!

The sad little peanut gallery waited in vain for worm treats. (I only threw them worms that I accidentally broke – I prefer them in the garden working for me and the chooks get enough good food anyway!)

We really need to mow! Beginning to lose chickens! I suppose we will get around to it when we get a few days of sun in a row so it dries out a bit!

In a fit of enthusiasm I dug up a third plot and dug through some more blood and bone. I think my beetroot will eventually go here.

Happy to do a decent days work… although I am feeling it now in my limbs!!
Hope you all had a great day too!

Slugs & Sprouts

The unpruned Guelder rose will be quite a sight when it blooms this season! (I like to call it the snowball tree)

I think I have to confess to going slightly stir crazy. Starting to feel very whingy & whiny about the constant miserable weather!
The potatoes should have gone in, but I don’t think it will hurt waiting a few days more – you know… for an actual warm spring day!
Finding motivation to leave the house is becoming a lot harder.

Pretty much forced myself into cleaning up this mess… put most of it through the mulcher for the compost along with some whizzed-up kitchen scraps and a few lucky worms

Yesterday I found about four good sized slugs living under some of the pots in the hothouse… and one decapitated cucumber 🙁

I must admit I was excited to see the first of the tomato seedlings popping up

There were two yesterday, but today I saw a lot more – so ‘Yay’

Yesterday one pumpkin almost there

Today – two!

Zucchini also put in an appearance today:

The silverbeet seedlings are going along really well:

And I have a number of fennel too – I have never actually tried to grow it. It just appears. Its the first time I have seen what the seedling looks like!

Lettuce seedlings a LOT less dead looking:

I put a couple in the dirt in the hothouse – just because I could. The space is for the cucumbers but I reckon I might be able to get a feed off the lettuce before the cucumbers get big enough to be planted and take over.

The lettuce outside under their little lids seem to be doing quite well on the whole…

If we had of had some nice days I would have taken their covers off during the day… but its been hopeless so I have left them alone.

I think the tomatoes are bigger?

And all of a sudden all these pots of cucumbers started looking successful!

Snowpeas (sprouted) & beans (not sprouted yet) sprinkled with blossom leaves! These are destined for my market stall…

Happy with my outside snow peas – both patches are looking good.

Somehow out of the gone-to-seed celery I have a nice new plant ready for use! Sometimes the garden does things by magic!

I have been contemplating on this raised bed. Its the one I layered with newspaper before dumping all the seaweed onto it. Seems like its done a fabulous job of keeping the weeds at bay!
Now I just have to decide what I want growing in here.

Well… fingers crossed for a decent day tomorrow. Who knows? We might get lucky!
Hope your day was great!


Strawberry Patch Cleanup

It was a slightly warmer day today and I didn’t get rained on at all!! Got totally confident and pulled on the gardening pants to get out and tackle the woebegone strawberry patch

A bit of weeding, but mostly pulling off dead leaves and digging up runners that were trying to grow in the lawn or between the rocks.
I relocated what I could fit in… the rest will go into pots and maybe get sold.

Then to dig in a bit of mushroom compost around the plants and job just about done.

I’ll have to get some netting over it ASAP as I am positive our adventurous chook will find it in short order and dig everything up quite happily. (she needs a wing clipped!) I will also need to get over to one of the local pine forests and collect a few bags of needles for mulching. (Strawberries enjoy a soil that is slightly more acidic if you are wondering why pine needles)

Anyway – getting late. Time to jump the fence and liberate a few more daffodils

Still plenty in the paddock

Finally home and inside and showered. I was quite disappointed to learn it was Sunday! I had been working all day on the assumption it was Saturday. Ruined all my plans of hitting the markets tomorrow. Hmmmm

Well… apparently that’s my weekend done and dusted!! How was yours??


Green Manure

Hi – my cold has developed. Losing my voice now. Jeff must find it nice and peaceful!
Despite the continued rain and cold, I did get outside for a short time to do something useful in the main garden.

Future corn plot

I won’t be able to plant the corn for a while – just not warm enough. So I thought I might plant some wheat and use it as green manure. Hopefully there will be time for it to reach a nice little height to dig in again before I have to plant the corn.

I figured it would be easier to cover the seeds over if I just did some rows instead of scattering them about willy-nilly.

It started raining again before I had finished covering them over… so at least they got a bit of a watering!

Meanwhile in the hothouse – cucumber babies!!

The silverbeet is doing really well… lots of sprouts up in all three pots

And hopefully tomorrow a cousin is popping by to take a few excess seedlings off my hands!
Hope your weekend is going along great!


Lettuce needing homes!


First Tulip

Hello Friday! Ended the week with the first tulip appearing! How nice!

Not a lot fabulously exciting happening at Norwich House today -except had a friend in this morning to talk photography (and eat cake of course with a cuppa) which was really lovely! Apart from that it was all shopping, bank, post office, watering seeds & dishes!!

Hope everyone has a super weekend planned!


Oh, and this black lily thingy…

And in a few days…?



More Rainbows & Rain

The weather each day is being rather predictable! I seem to have caught a cold – mind you its the most pathetic thing ever. It has taken me about a week to convince myself it even IS a cold! (Kind of on the opposite spectrum to a Man-Cold) !!
Weird sore throat – an occasional unconvincing cough and a slight sniffle.
All in all I don’t feel sick and its really nuisance value.

There are the three fully complete shawls. Now I am only in the middle of two more.

Since I was happier inside today, I did some baking. Some fresh bread and a tea cake (Great grandmothers recipe) for us.

And a couple of loaf cakes for the chooks! I whizzed up some leftover broccoli stems, added the bacon rinds/fat also some old dates as well as two eggs & their shells, some rolled oats & flour. Oh, and molasses.

Cake with a side order of wheat sprouts!

Much appreciated I think!
One of the shyer girls picked up a chunk and ran off with it so she could eat it in peace!

Eggs in return!

The first planting of snow peas going well!

We are nearly in Friday again!! Weeks are just flying by!
Hope you have a great day!

Cherry blossoms will be the next to appear!


Sprouts & Flowers

Hello! How is everyones week travelling along so far?
Ours is still soggy! (With bursts of sun & rainbows!)
I finished up three shawls today! Wove in those evil tail ends!

A few more sprouts have broken through the surface of the soil in the hothouse!! I get excited over these little wins! I hate this part of the season when I think nothing is going to grow for me! Waiting waiting!
The above sprout is a silverbeet seedling. (rainbow chard)

Some of the transplanted lettuce seedlings are looking less dead. Others… well… they are looking mostly dead! Not sure about the outside ones!! Will go look tomorrow

This was encouraging! The portulaca seeds have germinated! I had no idea what to expect with those. My sister Rosemary introduced me to this great little plant and showed me how to collect its seeds. I might add they are SUPER tiny seeds!

But hopefully they will survive and turn out like the ones above!

Nearly time to make a decision about where to transplant the rocket to!

Baby onions!
A few more thyme sprouts to keep the first one company

And then a speedy trip around the garden to enjoy some colour before the rain started up and I went back inside to my cosy fire!

A lot of granny bonnet plants springing up

Onion weed – pesty but pretty
Lots of liliums showing

Enjoy your day!

Lettuce Begin… (haha??)

G’day! A rather nice spring day! Even reasonably warm out there!
So back to the garden it was… this time it was the lettuce seedlings turn to go out.

I had to rake all the seaweed off, dig up the twitch that was determinedly growing and dig in a couple of bags of mushroom compost

I managed to dump the whole tray out on its head… oops! Such a klutz! Happily didn’t squash/kill many

They always look so limp and pathetic when they first go out

Hopefully they will perk up in a few days (the broccoli are already sitting up beautifully!)
I gave them a watering and covered them with the rest of my saved recycling bottles.

I still have a LOT of seedlings. Some I potted up with the intent to sell out the front if they grow nicely and look good

Right now they are not at their best!!!

Keeping the passionfruit company!

I am thinking it is about time to feed, weed and mulch the garlic.

The girls enjoyed the weather today – and we got three cackleberries!

Hope your weekend has been great and stay safe all those in the path of Irma!! She’s a bit frightening!

Take care


Broccoli Patch Ready

Hello! Quite a nice day (ie I didn’t get rained on) so time to grab some tools and supplies and do something useful in the garden.

I chose this patch to be our broccoli patch. Because of the cabbage moth over the warmer months, I like to cover it with my veggie netting.
Step one in the Dodgy-Bros Building Co. Whack in some garden stakes…

We had some leftover polypipe from another job, so I cut 4 equal lengths out of it

This stuff is cheap and easy to manage
Get some wide headed screws –

And screw the polypipe into your garden stake

I put two in each stake so the pipe doesn’t have a chance to swing

Happily the netting I have fit well – in hindsight I should have checked that first, but all’s well that ends well!

I will need to get better clips for it (I will find something here for now but I know exactly what to get in Japan for this!!)

Anyway – time to get out the broccoli! This is the pot that Ruby grew. She has planted out hers and I won the rest!! I will return her digging fork and pot soon!

Milk containers for covers

Carefully separating the plants

A bit of chopping…

I am totally lazy about hardening off my hothouse seedlings. I normally just cover them up at night and on cold days with these types of containers. They also act as a pest barrier while the plant is still at its young and tender stage.

I planted 8 broccoli seedlings in here. I am still debating about squeezing in two more!

A few bricks were needed to help with securing the netting against the wind. Should all be in tact tomorrow!

Anyway, very pleased to get another garden job done! It was pretty quick and easy and the materials are inexpensive.
Grow little broccoli – grow!!




Finding Hope in the Garden

Hello! Nothing new to report from Tasmania weather-wise! The last two days have continued in exactly the same way with the icy cold temperatures & raining in patches all day. Today the wind picked up too!

We have been watching the monster, Irma, carve a path of destruction through the Caribbean – devastating. All those of you in the path, please stay safe. I am sure you are doing everything practical to keep out of harms way – but go the extra mile with caution and make it through safe and sound.

We did a lot in our library yesterday, but today I did more in the kitchen.
I made some rissoles (hamburger patties) which turned out pretty great, also made some raspberry ice cream and now have some bread baking.

Fresh herbs, home grown garlic, my own breadcrumbs, homemade worscester sauce, a fresh egg and local beef mince (and a shop bought onion – horror!! haha) all combined to make up my rissoles.

The bursts of sun throughout the day ensure the hothouse is a comfortable temperature. My lettuce is ready for transplanting but I heard we have another week of this uncomfortable cold. So I will wait a while longer.

The marigolds that popped up are looking sturdy!

And I was so pleased to see some more sprouts breaking through the soil… even if you do need a magnifying glass to spot them! Above is Thyme.


One reluctant sunflower that has been in this position for a couple of days! (Not keen to come out from under the blankets and I so very much understand!)

The rocket is looking good. Not having grown it before I am not sure at what stage it can be planted out. As with the lettuce though – still too cold out there for it.

I also pulled up a few oregano plants to see if I can get them going. I’d like to do a good number more and put them on my stall. They came out of the ground complete with roots so I think they have a good chance to go well.

I was most excited to see leaves on the raspberry canes! I have yet to prune out the second row and rewire the area, but so happy to see them starting!

I went into the main vegetable patch – no beans showing yet. But lots of the snow peas have popped up through the soil!

The duck yard snow peas are going along pretty well despite the weather

I did lay down a little snail bait here as I noticed that they were being chewed a bit. And really – I try to keep things pretty much organic, but my one concession is snail bait occasionally. I have zero desire to go outside in the dark right now to hand pick off pests – and there are too many seedlings to practically cover each one.

Of course the minute I am fussing about in the garden there are at least a couple of stickybeaks coming over to see what I am up to!

The fruit trees are showing signs of new growth!

I nearly have a tulip!

It was nice to get out in between the rain squalls to find signs of new growth – spring is here somewhere!

Clearly I wasn’t successful digging up all the onion weed! Oh well… the white looks pretty with the yellow

Lots of liliums are starting to grow

And a few forget-me-nots are appearing!

Of course our beautiful plum blossoms are still dominating the yard with the white flowers… and the petals on the ground look like snow! (or is that real snow???)

We are a day away from the weekend again!
I hope everyone has had a great & safe week…