Tied Up Tomatoes

Tasmania had one of its spectacular weather hissy-fits today!
I extracted myself from housework this afternoon to get out and do something useful in the garden and – its overcast and spitting. Not bad. Then the sun came out and I was baking – had to go in and get my hat!
About 15 minutes later, it all changed, I got cold and rained on – a lot. Then the cycle started again !!

A lot of windfall apples!! This trees fruit won’t be really ready for another month. The other tree we are eating a few from… a bit tart but enjoyable. They will sweeten up eventually.
I need to see if I can make some kind of cider soup thats nutritious for the garden out of the windfalls.

Oh – and you should see the hugely fat pademelon (small wallaby) that is gorging itself on the windfalls!! Such a big bottom its a wonder it can still bounce!!! Spotted it tonight. Will work on getting a photo for you!

Jeff got in and did a lot of pruning today! Now its a lot easier to use the pathways without fighting our trees!

Self seeded pumpkin doing really well! Have no idea what variety it is, but its free and has needed no help from me!

This tomato patch was full of sprawling tomatoes – the wind was keeping them flattened too, so about time to get in and tie them all up. (And weed)

I am enjoying this whole new garden area. So much produce in a small space! Even the new planting of sunflowers are going well and about to bloom!

I tied up some other tomatoes too … but after staring at these self seeded beauties, I just shrugged and told them they could do what they wanted! They are so huge I just don’t know where to begin. I think I will just let them be wild.

I have officially lost control of the hothouse!
There is a good days work in there to untangle things and sort it out. Never mind. I am quite liking it!

The passionfruit is loving its new home in the hothouse. Hopefully I will get in and train it a bit better and cut it back a bit before it totally takes over. Also hoping next year the fruit is a bit bigger and more plentiful, but thrilled with the few small ones we got for our first season.

Last task in the garden today was to do the rounds and harvest a few things!
Will make up some more pasta mix tomorrow and use up some more of the ripe tomatoes and zucchinis.

Hope your weekend is fabulous!

Almost a Day in my Nightie.

So… I actively planned to do nothing today.
I really tried to sloth.
Eventually I got the guilts and (still in my nightie) chopped up the tomato and onion to make some relish!
I cried a lot. (onions, not because I failed to sloth)

I’ll probably cook it up tomorrow.

I did get out of my nightie before wandering about the yard. Saves explaining myself when I get caught by people dropping in! (I did replace the nightie with outside clothes otherwise the explaining might have had to be more creative)

Compared to last years pathetic attempt at pumpkins, this season is going fabulously well! I think I have at least 5 of this type of pumpkin growing happily. I have heaps of the smaller butternuts growing beautifully too!

Did I mention I finally pickled some beetroot the other day? Have been scoffing it ever since.

The potatoes are slowly dying off. I am hoping they will be ready to dig up completely while the three Japanese boys are here. They might enjoy the process!

Dodgy photo but this patch is my second round of sunflowers! While I was in the garden I did some random weeding around the place – just because I could! Every bit helps right?

This discovery made me laugh. I finally have my first watermelon!!!!
What a pip-squeak!

Another haul of apple cucumber, a few beans, tomatoes and some corn for dinner!

Well… that was my day.
I have plans to be more exciting tomorrow!


Red hot basket of chillies!


Slow Sunday!!

Hi there!
Last night I baked a tea cake as my cousin and his girlfriend were popping in to see me today. I thought baking a cake would be civilised! 🙂

It turned out pretty well… and there is none left! Good sign I guess! Jeff took the last bit to work with him.

I squeezed in a little house painting – I had to wash it down first. Hot day again so it dried quickly and was able to get the first coat on in short order. The weatherboards here are a bit dodgier than the other areas… Still, its has come up ok so far.

I went down and collected my lettuce seeds. They are now sitting in a box in the sunroom drying.

Not too much else to share today!
Nice to have a slower Sunday!



Would you look at that! A lovely afternoon of decent soaking rain!
The garden was loving it. I think its great the leaves on a lot of the plants sit up like cups when it rains!

It made a lovely change. I let it get on with it and stayed mostly inside and continued my domestic bliss.
Apart from decluttering and vacuuming, I managed to bake bread and a cake.
Nothing earth shattering tho 🙂

Hope your weekend has started well!

More Painting, More Weeding

Nice and grubby today! I am trying to encourage myself to get at least an hour of weeding done per day. That’s got to help doesn’t it?

We did get a bit further on the tall front part of the house

Jeff wobbled about on the extension ladder and I did some second coats of the lower half.

Meanwhile – I started with this:

And ended up with this:

The parsley has self seeded ferociously!!

I also managed to put together a little plot of celery by relocating some self seeded plants

My dodgy bit of plastic worked… now to get some more convenient sized stuff to work with over the pathways in the garden to kill some more weeds!

The accidental potatoes in the failed broccoli patch are enormous!! I have never seen plants like it! They are huge and spilling over the side. I dug about and found some really good sized spuds in there too! I need this plot back soon but don’t have the heart to uproot them until they are ready. Hoping for a lot of potatoes from them

The newer patches of lettuce and beetroot are going beautifully!

Gave everything a good drink today. Its just so incredibly dry and hot! Not used to that anymore. So glad we have the bore!

The last day of the challenge is today (when I say last day I mean last album to be posted and then follows ten more days of annoying people to get their last images in and vote haha.)
Anyway, subject was twisty… had a nice time sitting down and photographing the tendrils from the adventurous pumpkin plants!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Just Working

Jobs that take on a life of their own.
We got the second coat on the front today which was great – and a lot more quickly done as Jeff didn’t need the extension ladder like I did to reach the top!
We then started eyeing off the boards that were all beginning to warp upwards.
Meh- why not? Grabbed the crowbars and other useful tools and started prying them up.

Under that layer of dirt and debris, there was a nice big concrete slab.
The timber pieces laying on top that were bolted into the cement and used to nail the veranda boards onto were completely rotting away.

We now have a mini renovation job at the corner where the slab ends (Leaving a dip and a hole) as well as making the cement slab even and prettier!
The veranda boards are actually in quite good condition – just grotty and in need of cleaning and staining. We removed all the nails which took a while, but they are all stacked and ready to be used… not sure where, but we will think of something!

We also did our tip trip today to get rid of about 3 months of rubbish. Mostly household stuff with a bit of stuff around the yard that really was past its used by date. Not photo worthy, but great to start fresh with empty bins again.

Looking forward to pickling these beauties and adding them into my salads!

Found another couple of ears of corn ready today – they are already in our tummies and much enjoyed!
Lots of home grown on the plate tonight… not least our fav. summer side dish, the stuffed tomatoes!

Hope your day was just as delicious!!


Ready to be popped under the grill!

Zucchini Slice Recipe

Hello! Hope Monday wasn’t/isn’t too tragic for everyone!
Well… that’s the photo I was working on yesterday. Hopefully some of you will recognise what I was trying to do.
For those who don’t know – its a wartime propaganda poster (well, my copy of. I am not quite as glamorous as the original Rosie the Riveter though!!)

Anyway… I like my new hair bandanna so I wore it today as I spring cleaned the sunroom… here is the appalling before photo (I am such a clutterer)

Too easy for me to just drop things when I am busy and in a hurry!
Anyway, its all cleared out, vacuumed, mopped and de-spidered. I don’t like sprays, but sometimes we go for a surface spray to keep them from taking over.

I spent some quality time with Merv, Kevin, Annabelle, Daisy, Gertrude, Bob and the rest of the gang in Mealworm City (ie I cleaned their box out)

They are active and happy, so I must be doing something right.

Latest beret… I lashed out on some fancy yarn. I undid half of it as the thicker wool was making it huge. Now its more kid sized. Fits on my head but not as well as the other ones.
Its pretty tho.

I had a lovely time in the garden digging potatoes. I love doing that so much! I got a good amount in one go so I can leave them alone to grow for a while longer. I ate some of these tonight.

Then more apple cucumbers, a big zucchini and a few more tomatoes!

There was a bit of discussion about what a zucchini slice was yesterday!! I didn’t realise that everyone in the world who ever grew zucchinis didn’t have this as their ‘go to’ recipe!! 😀
Anyway, its half loaf, half omlette:

This was before I cooked it. Its quite flat.. an inch or so high.

375g (14oz) grated zucchini (pffft… who measures? Just keep grating)
1 large onion finely chopped
1 large carrot grated
1 cup grated cheese
3 rashers of bacon chopped
1 cup self raising flour
1/2 cup oil
5 eggs salt/pepper
Combine vegetables, bacon and cheese
Add flour – stir through with some salt & pepper
Whisk oil and eggs then add to the mixture
Pour into a baking tray (well greased or lined with baking paper)
Bake at 180C (350F) until golden brown (30-40 minutes)
Serve with some fresh garden salad and enjoy!
You can add other things if you like (sun dried tomatoes??) Its pretty versatile.
Have a great day!
(A goodnight show!)

Busy Day

Hello! How was the weekend?
I wrote up an ambitious ‘to do’ list for today and got through everything except cutting up those chillis!

Firstly was to finish the first coat at the front of the house.
Tick. I needed both ladders to do this. (Jeff sleeping today) So I wasn’t super fast, but it didn’t take as long as I thought it might.

I followed that job up by bagging up the rest of the mushroom compost out of the trailer. We need to make a trip to the tip soon so it will be handy to have the trailer empty!

Make part one of the next batch of ice cream (tick) (Yes the recipe requires eggs)

Make Pesto! Tick!

On a side note, I finally got some roots happening with the basil cuttings!

Prepare ingredients for tonights zucchini slice dinner (another tick)
Step one.. go pick some carrots and whatever else is out there…

Step two… chop and grate

I moved the sprinklers all over the place today to give some of the dry areas a good soaking. The ground is cracking!!
I also spent some time getting my challenge photo for the subject of ‘recreating art’ and I think I like the result… but will post tomorrow as its not due in the challenge until the day after tomorrow.
THEN it was a speedy trip to Ruby’s to plant some lettuce before coming home to cook my zucchini slice.

I like getting lots of things crossed off a list!


PS anyone else having issues with getting/not getting the blog post emailed to them? Suddenly wordpress doesn’t want to send me my own posts!! I can’t figure out why but to be honest I have spent very little time trying to problem solve this one 🙂


Painting, Photos & Garden Stuff

Weekend is here and Jeff is working! Nevermind, I have lots of jobs planned too!
Yesterday we managed, among other things, get the second coat of paint onto the side of the house.
Today I decided to wash down the front in prep for painting.

We rarely use the front door and it shows. A million spiders have taken up residence.

Ew. I swear sweeping out the cobwebs was like removing birds nests!! Rains of spiders anyone??
Anyway, nothing two ladders, water and a bit of elbow grease won’t fix!

I was going to put on the first coat today but Jeff got called into work early so I had to hustle in the kitchen to get dinner made on time. (Pizza which got no photos as we were in a rush! But they were tasty and there are leftovers!)

We got our first corn today! And was it ever good!!! (Nice pizza side dish haha)

Sadly this was a bit funny on the inside. I picked a green one today and it was fine!

I need to go and hand out some cucumbers soon!

I have a really good amount of pumpkins developing now! After thinking I would get none… there should be plenty this season!

My cos lettuce seeds

The new beetroot patch is looking great. I think I need to get in there though and move a few around. More germinated than I expected!

Today’s challenge subject was umbrella/s. I had plans with some cocktail umbrellas but didn’t make it to the beach to complete said plan. Then I mucked about with some photos with my Japanese umbrella… then I got in touch with my inner-Totoro and grabbed a rhubarb leaf!
Why be serious?

Then, while doing the rounds this evening, I lucked out finding this ‘bug’ (an upcoming subject) sitting in one of my roses! Nice!

Such a pretty fellow!

Hope your weekends are completely amazing!



Chook-Chasing, Cooking & Abandoned Tracks

I am going to HAVE to spend some time spying on Screecher tomorrow to see where she is squeezing out from.
I looked all over the yard this afternoon only to find her trampling my carrots and scoffing the self seeded silverbeet growing in there!

You can really tell that she just doesn’t care even when Jeff was giving her a telling-off!

I think we put her back 4-5 times a day!!

Despite bad behaviour… I cooked them a cake.

I also cooked us a big pot of pasta sauce which was lovely over spiral noodles for dinner tonight.

I really need to get in and chop up those chillies tomorrow. Got a lot that need attention now.

I tied these tomatoes up in a tree – they were the green ones on the Black Russian tomato plants that I pulled out. They are ripening up nicely.

This afternoon we went for a short walk down the abandoned railway line that cuts through Wynyard.
I need a photo of ‘tracks’ for my photo challenge and thought that would do. (I did have grander plans of finding some wombat tracks but I am a little time poor at the moment!)

Above is the back of the milk processing factory – a side I hadn’t seen before

I think I would really like to walk the whole line through town just to see where it goes! I’ll put that onto my ‘To Do’ list!!

Hope everyone’s week is going along splendidly!