More on the Climb of Cradle

OK – so I failed at staying in bed all day.
Does it count that I didn’t get out of my nightie?
As expected, I am sore all over but still pretty thrilled we got to the summit of Cradle.

Jeff was more than happy to be up hiking mountains rather than up on ladders painting!

It was really hot work at times. I didn’t get the camera out until we reached Marions Lookout. I was struggling until we reached Crater Lake (above) where I took my shoes and socks off and went for a wonderful dip fully clothed. Fiona had the good sense to do likewise and it really gave us the energy boost we needed. To be honest I could have stayed there the rest of the day swimming!

We felt like we were really high here… which in comparison to the summit of Cradle, it wasn’t that high at all !!

I love heading across the plains

You can see the tracks faintly scarring the mountainside

The red shows you the approximate ‘path’ and the arrow is the top point we reached (1545mt/5068ft)

Its such a rugged path. Slabs of dolerite from the Jurassic period litter the surface and create a wonderful challenge of making your way up to the top.

Fiona and I stopped fairly regularly and the views were always stunning

At this point it seemed like we were at the top. The rocks levelled out somewhat and we could see views over the other side

However… at the top we were not.
Just over this little rise we were confronted with the final challenge:

Down we had to go for a short distance before a final climb that seemed almost vertical. This is where a walking buddy was essential for people with short legs and heavier bottoms backpacks.

Time to put the camera back in my backpack and tackle that climb

It was so great to make it to the top.

A few people enjoying the moment and the view.
We climbed 665mt/2181ft to make it to this point.

Rock-hopping terrain

To me it seemed like a giants game of Jenga gone mad…

As I mentioned yesterday, coming down was almost as hard a work as going up… although I prefer gravity on my side so I was definitely faster!
After 14km/8.7miles hiking it was bliss to get back down to Dove Lake and splash around in the cold water before the drive home!

Fabulous way to spend a day!




Cradle Summit!!

Hi there… We finished the weekend in style by deciding to go and attempt to get to the summit of Cradle Mt
We have wanted to do this for a while, but with one thing or the other, hadn’t gotten around to it (Weather, lack of time etc)

We went with Fiona and Paul which made for a great day out together.
Getting to this point was an effort in itself. Fiona and I sensibly jumped into crater lake on the way up (fully clothed) which was gorgeous. So refreshing!

I had to put my camera away for a lot of the climb… there was a rough path for a while but then…

It got rocky.

And then it got seriously rocky.

But the views were magnificent

You have to go through a false summit or two before tackling some really tricky inclines before getting to the top!

Getting back down the rocky mountain was no less challenging. The only plus was gravity was on our side (at times a little too much on our side – because whichever way you looked at it… falling down was not going to end comfortably)

Yup… that was the way down. Choose your own adventure ‘path’
Its a wonder I didn’t wear a hole in the seat of my pants as often the only sensible way of getting down was sitting and scootching over the edges!

I probably don’t need to tell you how tired and sore I am right now. I think we were out there about 8-9 hours.
I am making no promises to return tomorrow with more photos/details from today because tomorrow I have no intentions of getting out of bed. 🙂
Despite all, we were pretty proud of ourselves and it was an amazing day!

I’ll chat again once I can move again…


Snow Hiking!

It was time to get further out into the great outdoors!
Jeff asked me yesterday if I’d like to go up to Cradle Mt to see what it looked like in the snow!
The weather was looking positive, so I jumped on board with the idea, then rang our cousin, Fiona who also keenly joined in the snow party!

We seriously could not have had a better day – sky was clear blue and the snow powdery and beautiful!

We headed up the Horse Track, and back via Marion’s Lookout. A scenic route that had us on the go for about six hours.

It didn’t take us long to have to start shedding the layers… in fact, Fiona was hiking in a singlet top there for a while!

I had gone as far down the clothes scale as I could without hiking in my bra! It really was that hot earlier on in the day!

This is me looking very cool (and not so cold) hiking up the Horse Track

In reality – I fell down a lot!! Some of those drifts were pretty deep and had us floundering about a fair bit!

Today I was head in the blue skies and feet in the snow…

The view at Crater Peak was, as usual, fabulous. We ate lunch up here!

Trudging along towards Cradle to get onto the Overland track, and back via Marion’s Lookout… we were the first along some of the areas – the poles helped our direction but still didn’t help up stay on the track!

I think the snow patterns are as pretty as the sand ones!

Tastes good too…

(Yes – we know this is a no-no, but we weren’t in any sort of hypothermia danger at that point!!)

Beautiful views over past Barn Bluff!
We met a Canadian couple who just set off on doing the Overland Track today! They had a brilliant day to start. I hope they have a wonderful adventure… I am still not 100% convinced I want to do that in the snow.
(We need to get a lot more suitable gear before that happens anyway!)

There is a creek under that snow at the bottom!

By this point the sun was getting lower in the sky and we were putting more clothes back on

It was a bit of a slow descent down Marion’s… mostly because at that point lots more people had been on the track in that area so the packed snow had become icy. However… the trail through the snowy trees was a delight!

Time for a quick ‘Jeff & Lisa’ snap (Thanks Fiona!) where you can see by the colours we were racing the setting sun. Brrrrr

Plenty of fat wombats were out having their breakfast by the time we got back to the Ronnie Creek car park

We got back to the car a bit later than we wanted to (Not that you can jog off the mountain in ice and snow to hurry) but we then endured a slightly terrifying drive home over a LOT of black ice! Jeff did an amazing job. We seriously turned out of the car park, up the first hill when the car proceeded to go sideways and backwards!!!
I would have given up then and there and funded a hotel room somehow, but Jeff carefully & skillfully traversed the narrow slippery roads out of Cradle. It was the slowest drive out we have ever done! Was quite the relief to hit the major roads!

So there you have it – fun, excitement beauty and terror all in one day!


Heading across the top towards Marion’s Peak

(PS – I have now added another 230 images to my post processing issues!!) 😀

Hounslow Heath Track

I am so tired! 6am is NOT my optimal starting time!!
I won’t be doing justice to todays adventure, so I am mostly going to throw a few photos at you from todays hike that I managed to get post processed.

Cousins! Paul, Beau & Fiona!

Our cousins invited us to go with them to Cradle Mt today to see the Fagus – Tasmania’s only native deciduous tree, Deciduous Beech (Nothofagus gunnii
Its autumn colours are almost in full swing and its really lovely to see.

We walked the Hounslow Heath Track which was really beautiful

The track was a quagmire – roots, rocks and mud puddles!! So much fun!

You spend the first hour trying to keep your feet dry. Then when the battle is totally lost, you feel liberated and slosh through any and all puddles, mud, streams & creeks without a care in the world. (And snug in the knowledge the car has been packed with clean clothes & a towel)(See? We are learning!)

This Currawong stalked us for a while – thought it could get some food! Such cool and clever birds! (And a little freaky looking haha)

We did a lot of puddle jumping today – yep, thats the track!

So many beautiful pandani everywhere

Time for me to get some sleep!
Have a wonderful day!


Happy Hikers!! (Thanks Fiona for taking the photo!)

Back to Cradle

Another day, another day my garden has been neglected. The good news is, Rosemary brought along her gardening clothes! (evil laugh – can’t wait to put her to work!!)
However – we were totally keen to drag her on our latest favourite hike. The weather was forecast was good, and also being a smidge before the Easter madness – we decided to go today.

So… have I convinced everyone to come see us and go hiking yet?

I am so tired right now! That’s three days hiking in a row and today was about 5 hours or so. The weather was gorgeous – the clouds dramatic and it was so great to have Rosemary with us to catch up and show off the places we have found.

I love this cushion moss – it looks so spongy and soft – but its hard as a rock! It does my head in! Its hard to resist touching it just to make sure! And its so pretty.

As usual we had a lot of up and down scrambling.
Before we got to this point we caught up with a young family who were heading along this track – they had two toddlers with them! The youngest may not have been 2 years old yet. We talked to them and told them that the track was not really safe for the children and suggested they go back via Horse Track where we came up – more gradual. It would have been a real danger for them. They walked along a little further then we saw them turn back. At the least – it would have taken them until midnight to guide the kids off the mountain! Toddlers don’t hike very fast – and you wouldn’t want them to up there!

We avoided the Twisted Lakes Track that we did last time due to time constraints. We had to take the shuttle bus back to the visitors centre as the car park was too full to drive up this time. Last bus at 5pm.
This new track had a whole new level of ‘going down’

Pretty glad the family turned back – they would have had to have lowered the kids down on ropes!! This was a lot of ‘straight down’

Anyway… just a few snaps as I am about to fall off my chair!

Hope everyone who is celebrating Easter has a really nice looooong weekend!



Taking You For A Walk

We spent most of the day in the shed putting aside items and pricing them for hopefully an upcoming garage sale.
Not very thrilling in the blogging arena, so thought I would take you on a quick trip around Speelers Track at Cradle Mt.

So pull on your virtual hiking boots (raincoat advisable)

Almost immediately we came across a hiking warning sign – something about steep sections and undefined tracks, don’t go unless you are experienced…

That’s the undefined track above!!

It was a pretty walk – lots of green mossy trees

Some impressive boles


Every now and again we would come out into a more cleared space before going back into the dim forest

I love the tangled mossy trees
You can just see the old wooden bridge under our feet and the new bridge

From here the track got really soggy. I don’t know if you can see clearly above but the track was also doubling as a small waterfall. And where there were no rocks – there was mud

Like this deceptively deep mud puddle – that I skillfully located.

Threatening skies

Stop and rest for a moment – its a nice view back towards Cradle…

Quietly look over to your left… someone is watching us!

Crazy big old trees

The red fungi really stood out in that sea of green

Even though there were tracks… I was getting dubious about if we were on the right path

Puddle jumping time
Water disappearing

The sun came out to light up the trees which was rather lovely against the grey skies in the background!

And lucky us – a rainbow!

I think we were following game paths
See that furry backside?? This wombat wasn’t sticking about to say hello! They move surprisingly fast for a fat barrelled animal!

We did actually lose the path at the end – a bit of cross country brought us back to a main track.

This fellow very used to humans was intent on his dinner and didn’t care how close we were.

Anyway, that’s our little walk done – time to go and put your feet up!