Jam & a Few Veggies

I thought it was Tuesday. Apparently it was Wednesday. hmmm.
So I cooked plums…
Then I made some jam – a plum/raspberry combo

I just taste tested some on some fresh bread – not bad! May be a little tart for some tastes but I like it. The batch was bigger than the usual and I just guessed with the lemon juice… πŸ˜€

Meanwhile, Pip was blocking guarding the exits.

I need to eat cucumbers faster or give them to someone else to help eat them!
I wish my zucchinis were a bit keener… but happy to find another one today.

Whipped up another beret… because I could πŸ˜›

I started a yellow one too, but I would love to get back to the shop and get some pretty yarn and make some colourful ones. (you know, with the graduating colours)

We made a small escape this evening down to Fossil Bluff. The weather was beautiful and it was lovely strolling about.

Of course we were keeping an eye out for agate. I was also keeping an eye out for examples of pareidolia.Β  (Seeing patterns in random data is the explanation, but perhaps illustrated by seeing faces in rocks?)

This one has quite the defined nose!!
Why? You ask… Running another photo challenge soon and I put pareidolia in as a subject. I thought people might come up with some fun stuff.

This rock slab I found interesting with all the markings on it and the indents highlighted with water!

Bedtime for me. Tomorrow I can wake with confidence knowing I am in Thursday!


More Plums (Surprised??)

Hello! Lovely sunny day today – so different from the dark rainy dayΒ  yesterday!
Well… we currently have 14 litres (thats 3.7 gallons to the metric-challenged people πŸ™‚ ) of plum pulp in our freezers.
There is another large pot of cooked plums on the stovetop waiting for depipping and pulping.
So the smartest thing to do today was to go out and pick another 18kg! (40lb)
I am set for jam forever!!

Our resident babies are developing fast! Real feathers now and they are pretty squashed up in the nest too!

I did a bit of bandicooting for potatoes! Most of these were scoffed down at dinner. Oh we are loving the new potatoes!!

I spent a few minutes on the back veranda shelling my snow pea seeds. It was lovely and peaceful.

But today I really needed to get out! I feel like I have been welded to the kitchen and essential tasks… So we did a lap around Anniversary Bay

The water was such a rich colour today!

Somebody got creative!!

I love random beach art!

Anyway, it was really refreshing to get out and do some exercise and enjoy the fresh air!
Hope your weekends have started well!


All downhill from here!

A Peaceful Day

Is it lame blogging on Christmas Day?? Oh well. We have had a lovely quiet sort of day so thought I would swing past here for a minute or two.
Jeff has just gone off to bed, Pip is curled up and I am trying not to eat chocolates!

After a whole bunch of Christmas phone calls with various family members across the country and around the world, we buzzed on down to join Ruby and Margie for Christmas Lunch.

Ruby cooked an amazing turkey!

Margie did the beautiful vegetables (including new potatoes & the peas from the garden)

And Macca kept his ears open for scraps!!

We took a little break between mains and dessert, swapped presents & I made up some fresh custard.
Then there was the turning out of the pudding… would it work?

Absolute perfection!

After the dishes were done everyone seemed ready for Nanna-Naps so we went home to relax for the afternoon. Jeff napped, so did Pip.
I don’t nap. I hate waking up in the morning so I am not keen to have to wake up for a second time in one day!
Jeff and I did go for an excellent walk this evening to walk off some of those desserts! The weather was just perfect and rounded off a pretty lovely day!


Plant Progress

Its nice to do a round of the garden and see some food progress.
We had a great meal tonight… I fished out the last steaks that were lurking in the freezer, Jeff bbq-ed them and I steamed some new potatoes and made a fresh salad – including a couple of fresh laid boiled eggs just because I could.
Topped off with some home made strawberry ice cream I made today.
Nice and full and happy πŸ™‚

Anyway, plants…

Some more garlic

The basil is looking amazing – it might be time to make up a batch of garlic pesto?

Definite capsicum growth this week!

Lovely tomatoes everywhere, but no hint of red yet!

My patch of watermelons really do NOT look happy. I am just hoping for the best… if they all die I’ll just have to plant something else there. Hoping they will eventually perk up and do watermelon-like things.

In better news, the passionfruit is an extremely happy plant. I would go as far as to say ‘ecstatic’

Since it was a really beautiful day, we took off late this afternoon to do a circuit around Anniversary Bay.
We saw a few wallabies on our way.

Peeking through the scrub until I got too close.

Lovely view today!

I forgot to have lunch today, so without the energy reserves I found those hills a bit tougher! Still, it took us less than two hours and it was gorgeous out there.

Hope your weekend was great too!


Planting Flowers & Taking a Walk

I am feeling a little extra sore tonight. Finally did my first hike around Anniversary Bay with Fiona this afternoon. Creaking now!

I am not sure the before and after has much impact in this garden. Still… its another job done that was lurking around in the back of my mind. I had to get in and try to carefully dig out the oxalis that was starting to creep in

Beau planted out my sunflowers here while we were away and they are doing well… pretty close to flowering I think.

I also put in the remaining marigolds that were still in pots…

I also had a good number of surviving Portulaca in pots so I got some of those in the ground too. I was happy to note that there are quite a number that have self seeded, even though so far they are very small.

Our weed pile is really getting big. It keeps the chooks amused though. If they are not digging through it, they are napping in it!

Around the garden, things are on the move… the corn seeds I put in the other day have started popping up, as have the sunflower seeds!

I am yet to get a zucchini to grow… I suspect this one might die off too.

The watermelon doesn’t look super happy… but at least I am starting to see a flower or two.

The recently planted tomatoes that were in their pots too long are still looking fine. The new growth is coming through green so I hope they will be ok.

I am anxiously watching those cucumbers… I so want them in a salad! Maybe a couple more days…

Tomato plants are randomly appearing everywhere. This one is growing in the runner beans. Sigh… whatever! I’ll leave those alone and just see what happens!

The tiny outside tomatoes really put on a growth spurt in the last week!

Still debating over moving this self seeded lettuce. I have to put something around it if I leave it where it is so I don’t trample it.

The apple cucumbers are trying their best!

And one lonely egg today!

Overall I think the garden still needs an awful lot of work to look nice again! I am happy that food is growing, but even as aesthetically relaxed as I am… all those weeds are really bugging me!

Anyway, swapped my gardening clothes for my hiking clothes and met Fiona at the top of the turnoff to Sisters Beach and we went down for our walk. A sea mist was in so it looked a little gloomy today.
We didn’t do too bad. I was surprised really as its been about 6 weeks since I have done proper hiking! We didn’t even have to stop when we went up our least favourite stretch which we have nicknamed something unkind.
My policy is not to swear on my blog… So I can’t tell you its name. haha.
It really is a horrible little stretch of hill… pretty much straight up and it tests us every time! I don’t ever seem to be able to get a photo that adequately shows you how steep it is. You’ll just have to come and see for yourself!!

We were lucky enough to come across a wallaby on our walk today too!
I was able to walk a lot closer than I thought I would be able to! It took a while before he/she decided I was too weird and hopped off.

You are welcome for the wallaby-bottom shot πŸ˜€

There are tiny wildflowers out everywhere up there at the moment. I will have to take up my macro lens next walk to try to get some nice photos of them.

Anyway, that’s about all from me today!
Hope you had a fantastic day too!


Tripping About

Mariette soaking up the sea views

Hello! Its been a busy few days and really good fun catching up with friends and showing off a little of our area.

Mariette & Ian are travelling about Tassie for a couple of weeks, but landed on our doorstep about an hour after they got off the boat, where they got fed fresh eggs, bacon & home made bread and then dragged all about the countryside for the day!

Walking (and sitting) and taking photos at Black River Beach

We walked up ‘The Nut’ at Stanley and had lunch there before taking a detour back to Dip Falls

Back home to home made hamburgers and maybe a bottle of wine πŸ™‚

Today the weather continued its gorgeousness. We spent a lot of time walking the beach at Fossil Bluff before driving over Table Cape towards Sisters Beach

It was quite beautiful looking out over the ocean today

Beautiful clear views up the coast.

The tide was coming in but there was enough beach left for a short stroll up Sisters…

All too soon our friends had to hit the road and head south. Pretty sure they will be back to enjoy some more of the North West Coast (and I am trying to entice them to join in on our next Overland Trek!)

I got a bit of gardening done this afternoon, but will share that tomorrow!
Bedtime for me!


Lovely fluffy cherry blossoms

First Deadly Encounter for the Season!

Hello Weekend!
First of all a quick show & tell… my new bag! I like the heftier padding at the back, so now when I stuff my camera, three lenses, lunch, drink, extra clothes etc etc in there, they won’t dig into my back forcing me to repack once or ten times!

I took it on a walk today – happy with it as its very comfortable. Its going to make a good day pack when travelling Japan (in a month! Gulp)

And a duckling update:

I rang the wildlife carer today – I was a bit nervous asking if any of our little bats survived. But apparently the last three are not only surviving, but thriving! And they are Mountain Ducks – not what I reported before.
So that’s pretty fantastic! So glad we had some success in ‘Operation Chase Ducklings All Over Flowerdale’

In between the rain & wind today, we got a bit of sunshine too… so we escaped out for another hike.
Jeff decided to load up and test out his travel bag to see if it would make a good extended hiking pack

Along the top of the first part of the track we encountered our first snake of the season! It mostly wriggled away, but left its tail hanging out of the grass so I could get a photo.

This is a tiger snake bottom.
I think they reside within the top 10 venomous snakes in the world (said with a note of pride in voice) but I pretty much trust them to move away when they feel you approach. I have never had a hassle with them even though I have accidentally come quite close (not least the bathroom incident!!!)
I think they are beautiful. If we see them we stop and give them every chance to glide away before continuing our walk.

“So husband dear, in that ridiculously large pack you are lugging about, is there a medical kit handy?”
“Oh good… so glad I am hiking with a Nurse”

Small beach things…

A different sand pattern

Tiny wildflowers are also popping out

Back home, I had let my lettuce out for the day!

I seem to have lost another random plant, but overall I am REALLY pleased with their progress!

The remaining lettuce seedlings in the original container are fabulous and really needs a home. Or I will be eating them soon!

My green manure has appeared too!!

I think there will be plenty of time for it to grow up a bit before I dig it back in so I can plant the corn!

Snow peas…


Rhubarb-knowledgeable people… is it too late to transplant this?

Also, in exciting news… I see the start of some cherry plums!! yay!

The final garden related task of the day was to get into the shed and salvage the last of the potatoes.
Tentacle city!

Despite the poorer harvest last season, we have been eating our own potatoes for 10 months. Not too shabby!
I knocked off the sprouts and took the ones that weren’t too wrinkly and pathetic. I suspect the chooks will get some leftover potato mash from my reject pile over the next few weeks!
Soon comes the terrible wait for the new potatoes! (I love potatoes!!)

Hope everyones weekend is amazing!


A Long Overdue Hike

Hello – first of all an update on the little bats (ducklings)
They went off to a wildlife carer this morning as another one didn’t make it. πŸ™ The lady assured Gudrun that she did everything right… but its just luck of the draw sometimes with these things. A whole batch might make it or die. But we can be a little comforted by the fact they would have had zero chance motherless next to a highway. The last three have a chance.
They are a wood duck – which go up trees which would explain the little bats climbing tendencies!!

Anyway – after a little running about doing this and that today, Β the tide and weather were about right to get out for a quick circuit around Anniversary Bay.

After several weeks of not doing this I very much felt every step of the uphill bits!!

The skies were dramatic and threatening, but no rain!

Lots of new patterns on the beach with the recent heavy rains.

I love the sand art so much!

The runoff cut a deeper trench into the beach on its quest to the sea!

Occasionally the sun popped out too!

Time to put the camera away and slog up those hills and get home. I had a lovely leg of lamb given to us yesterday by our neighbour (lucky us!!) so I had to get back in time to roast it up… and mmmm dinner was good!

Hope you had a great day too!

Puddle selfie or looking into the Underworld??

Winter’s Final Day

Winter is over! It was a gorgeous day too! And since I ate a disgraceful amount of lamingtons yesterday we squeezed in a walk around Anniversary Bay this afternoon.
I put about 7kg (14lb-ish) into my pack as lamington-punishment as well. My legs & shoulders are having a slight conversation with me about that now!

It was great to get out again and see what new water channels the recent rain has cut through the beach

Runoff from the hills making great patterns today

Spring weather is notoriously dreadful in Tasmania. But I am hoping for more good days than bad and get out on this hike a little more often (especially if I intend any more lamington binges)(Likely)

Heading up the final stretch of beach before turning up into the hills and the three challenging ‘up’ sections.

Despite the extra weight I made it up each section without stopping – but I sweated and panted a lot!

Earlier in the day I got back into the garden to actually finish a couple of jobs.

The sad little carrot/capsicum plot!

All better. Topped up with some mushroom compost and ready to go. I have decided to put my broccoli in here. I will be able to rig up a frame for netting to keep the cabbage moth away pretty easily.

The very last of the carrots! Some of these were on the plate for dinner tonight!

Overall even thought I am getting lots of plots ready, the whole garden still looks pretty scruffy!

I resisted starting on cleaning up the strawberry patch in favour of getting back in and finishing this plot. Jeff came along and helped out too (Which was great as I wouldn’t have done it in time to get that walk in)


I have this lovely big plot earmarked for the corn.

Even the chooks are doing their bit and egg production seems to be slowly getting better again!
Hope your day was lovely!


Beach and Garden

Hello! What a beautiful Sunday! Chilly wind, I must admit, but the sunshine was rather divine!
We went down to Boat Harbour Beach early in the afternoon to meet my cousins who we hadn’t caught up with in a while!

Bella, Abbey & Ann!

It was lovely to catch up and stroll along the beach and check out the rockpools

Phil & Jeff

I coerced Abbey & Ann to try eating some of the Neptune’s Necklace seaweed, but Bella, Phil and Jeff (sensibly) would have no part! (Its a bit salty and chewy but really not that bad!)

I love the bright greens!

Even though it is still winter, it brought out the mad few that went in for a dip!

Back home I felt I couldn’t let the rest of the afternoon go by without doing something useful in the garden. I guess every little patch I sort out is one step closer to the spring planting.

I really wasn’t in the mood to get back into the weeding, which would have meant getting totally filthy, so I went down to the duck yard and dug over plot #1 of the potato patch.

So many worms! Every fork of dirt that I turned had big fat worms under it! So good to see!
On advice from Phil, I am going to buy a couple more bags of seed potatoes. He said it wasn’t a good thing to put your own old potatoes in the new plot and best to start all new with the seed potatoes. Thats to prevent the possibility of contaminating the soil with any problems from the last lot.

The soil was a little heavy and clumpy, but I got there in the end! I’ll rake off and turn over the second patch in the near future!

Hope everybody’s weekend was fabulous!