Oodles of Pots

Hi – just mundane stuff today.
Was time for the BBQ area to be cleared out and sorted again.
I didn’t get it quite finished because it took so long to wash out the spidery grotty pots!
I figure I might put a few bundles out the front for sale when I put my veggie tables back out the front.

This area is too easy to put stuff in when you are in a hurry!

I have some more things to sort in there, but the really time consuming part of the job is done.
Finished off the day with a tasty vegetable mix over pasta. And a bit of leftover apple slump! Never going hungry around here thats for sure!

Enjoy the week ahead!



Hi there!
Sorry for the none appearance in the last couple of days. I seem to be getting out of whack with everything!
We did get out for a walk – as you can see from the above photo. I thought it would be a great idea to take my new boots for a test run (hike).
And… because I am an idiot, I thought the very best idea was to just put them on and do a two hour hike over Anniversary Bay instead of taking them to the supermarket… or down to visit the chickens… or a lap around the kitchen.
Oh yeah… didn’t take bandaids either.
You can work the results out for yourselves! haha

At least we remembered the fly veils… the flies have been really sticky lately.

OK… so, yesterday the weather kicked up a fuss and we woke to howling wind, rain, a drop in temperature and no power for over 10 hours.

My most recent corn patch was being flattened, so between rain squalls, I set up the netting over the patch just to give it a little bit more of a wind break

Today I got back onto the relish that I started the other day – since the power seemed to be staying on. So nice to have a full batch again ready to scoff into!

Oh and check out the mealworm gang!! I have lots that have turned into pupae!! I still don’t know exactly what I am doing yet, but so far so good:

They wriggle a bit when you poke them

Then, every now and again I pinch off a cos lettuce flower bud and empty out the seeds. Not something I could sit and do in one hit… so many and so little and fiddly. So just a few here and there every now and again and I should end up with a nice collection of seeds.

So … Timeline?
Wanna hear whats on the go? (Feel free to skip to tomato photo at the end!!!)

This weekend we are taking on a boarder. My cousins girlfriend needed a place to move to, so we thought we would put up our hand. We have thought about renting a room for ages, but… procrastination set in and also working out how to get someone that is not an axe murderer. (And who loved Pip)
We cleared out her room of our ‘stuff’ dusted, pulled out furniture, vacuumed, mopped, removed spiderwebs etc etc. Its about done and hopefully comfy.

In 10 days three Japanese boys arrive and stay for about three weeks although we are working out how to get them over to my friend in Melbourne (Rachel) for a few days as well and the cheapest options for them to do it. (The Bass Straight can be an expensive bit of water!)
Room upstairs is about half ready. Lots of ideas in my head on where to take them and things to do! (and cook!)

Pretty much the day the boys fly out, my business partner and his wife from my Canberra business are coming to stay for a week!! Can’t wait to see them as they haven’t seen our place in Tasmania yet!

The day they are planning on leaving is the day Jeff heads off on his Overland Trek.

Today I got a message from another Japanese friend to say her daughter and cousin are coming to visit in April.
9th – 22nd and want to also squeeze in a visit to Rachel in Melbourne/Ballarat and my sister Rosemary in Brisbane.
Mind you… on the 14th April is when Fiona and I head off on our Overland hike!!

I think that is about it without the obvious inclusions of the normal things to be done in the garden/kitchen etc etc.
Not scared.
Time to install that revolving door??

I am really looking forward to seeing everyone and playing tour guide.
Never a dull moment! But I will be a happier person once I get the housework under control!

Hope everyone is having a splendid week!

Out With the Old – In With the New

So – these poor old much abused boots have just about had it. While I am happy to keep gluing them up and throwing them some polish once in a while, there is not much I can do about the tread.
AND – I am now booked in to do the Overland Track again mid April so I thought the smartest thing to do would be to treat my feet to new boots!

Doing the good wifey thing and spending Jeff’s paycheck.
I do get my money’s worth out of these though and they can hack a lot! I feel the walking will be a bit easier with more grip and a bit more sponginess – the inner sole was pretty cactus too in the old ones.

Well… thats my shoe shopping done for another 2-3 years!

Anyway – Mega excited about tackling the Overland again. Jeff is going on his own later in March while I look after Pip, the chooks and the garden.
Then Mid April its his turn to babysit while I trot off with Fiona for our jaunt! Fiona has never done it before so I am really looking forward to sharing it with her. Plus she goes at my pace!! (Not rushed… lots of rests on those uphills!!)
We booked now as on our starting date (14th) there were very few places left. They limit the amount of people starting each day.

If you didn’t catch the stories of last March’s Overland hike – there is a category for it you can take a peek if its of interest to you!

Thats all from me tonight!
Roll on Friday!



Cloudy night…

Potatoes & Cucumbers

Precious little from me today.
I did some dishes. Some laundry – even went out on a limb and folded some up!!
Rescued from drudgery by Fiona who seemed to think doing a lap around Anniversary Bay would help stretch out the kinks from the Cradle climb.
Got to be better than laundry right??
It was good to walk it out a bit. Some of the steeper climbs were more testing than usual, but without the massive boulders, it was a much more manageable hike.
Shock horror I didn’t take my camera! The sea was a stunning colour today – but you will just have to imagine it.

Dug up some lovely new potatoes, a carrot and picked a heap of cucumbers.
Even managed a little weeding in there somewhere!

Tomorrow I will have to knuckle down to some real work!


Painting Continues…

Well… we got the full east side of the house painted today!
Very satisfying to get a big chunk of the job done.

The back veranda is next on the list. First up we had to clear everything off of course (amazing how I can pile up ‘stuff’)
Once clear we could give the walls a good wash & scrub.

It was also a good chance to plant out some things that had been lurking in pots for too long and throw away rubbish etc. What goes back onto the veranda after painting has to be clean and nice!!! Good plan.

Remember these little guy that I planted 3 weeks ago? Check them out now!

They even have fruit!

The other self seeded tomatoes in the corner are pretty amazing
Not much effort on my part and they look fabulous!

Some new potatoes for dinner and a couple more apple cucumbers as well (and the first tomato from the herb garden tomatoes!)

I even squeezed in enough time to put together an Apple Slump for dessert tonight!
Not a bad way to finish the day

Mealworm Farming

Just for something different I thought I would try to breed mealworms. Great source of protein for the chooks… even a saleable thing if I get enough!
My best mate suggested it to me as she has just started some too.
Its all pretty easy in theory:
Step one. Buy some mealworms.

Three containers with holes in the top.
There are three stages to the lifecycle. Larvae, pupae and adult – oh and lots of eggs (hopefully eventually) too
I want each stage kept in different containers.

They get rolled oats as food and bedding and slices of veggies as moisture and food.
It was both kind of fun and slightly creepy fishing out all the worms from the container. They pretty much dived right into the oats and disappeared.
I had two live adults too! They look a little lonely in their box.

So… now I just have to wait until they spin little cocoons and try to keep them alive!
Pretty easy it seems. Cheap to start up and they don’t bite. Whats not to love??

In other news… we started to paint the house

We’ve been meaning to for a couple of years now. Especially the sides of the house not under the veranda’s protection.
Thought we would start with the easy bits to get the hang of it.

Clearly we started with a washdown. Looking quite grotty!

We managed to get around to painting the first section late this afternoon. We chose a slightly darker cream than what we had. Mostly I wanted to make it look like I had actually done something when viewing the slight colour change.
Might need a second coat tomorrow. We shall see in the morning.

We are also thinking that we will paint the trim/edges/window frames dark green in the Federation style. Might be a while before we get to that point, but its an idea.

In garden news – I got a see-through tomato!

A few more zucchinis are on their way:

So many lovely tomatoes waiting to change colour!

And I am much happier with my latest beetroot patch compared with the original one I planted. All up and looking good!


Tahune Airwalk

Hi there!
Hope everyone’s week has started nicely!
I had a great invitation from my cousin Leonie to accompany her and one of her daughters on a mini road trip over the weekend.
The main goal was to visit the Tahune Airwalk and enjoy the area around the Huon River.

Alana and Leonie

The Airwalk is basically a steel canopy walkway through the treetops, giving you a different kind of forest walk.
The Tahune Forest is about 30km’s from Geevestown, south of Hobart.
The walk also straddles the Huon River and is very picturesque!

There are a couple of little short walks in the bush before getting to the actual airwalk.

The usual perspective – the trees looming above!

We walked through the bush and up a bit before getting to the first part of the airwalk

And then straight out into the trees!

There were plenty of little stopping points where you could pause to admire the views and oooh and ahhh about how high you were.

I liked looking down!

We were about 50mt above the river!

You can see the cantilever for the best view up the river!

It was an amazing feeling to be up high in the treetops. The walk was very stable so you didn’t feel like you were swinging about.

Looking straight up the Huon River

Back down on the forest floor we could look back up to see where we had been

14 year old Alana was full of impatient energy and pretty much was under the impression we were going to sprint around the whole area!! Much to her disgust, this wasn’t so, so she contented herself by scrambling up on a few fallen logs here and there!

The fun wasn’t over – a couple of swinging bridges to negotiate. These moved a LOT more underfoot than the airwalk !

The views from the middle of the river were so pretty.

It was hard to keep the camera steady on these contraptions! And you couldn’t stay still in these areas either as the March Flies were out and biting!

We finished up with a picnic and a zip-line flight that took us even higher above the forest!
Pretty great way to spend a day if you ask me!


Home Again

I was invited by one of my cousins (Leonie) to do a bit of a spur of the moment trip down south of Hobart for a couple of days to do the Tahune Airwalk.
Seemed like a good idea, so off we went.
I had a lovely couple of days catching up with Leonie and one of her daughters as well as seeing some beautiful countryside.

We had a fabulous meal at another cousins place (I simply call most of my relatives down here ‘cousin’ as it all gets a bit complicated – 2nd 3rd, twice removed etc etc 😀 )
They had a gorgeous garden, so will share a few of the flowers tonight and tomorrow pop back hopefully with a few snaps of the actual airwalk.

Hope your weekend was amazing too!


2018. Day One

Happy New Year!
We decided to pack up a picnic, and walk up a mountain to start 2018.
Fiona came along with us too.

We probably hiked about 7 hours – 17kms up Mt Roland & back.
It was just gorgeous.

Its a reasonable slog up for most of the way. It stops been quite so steep at about the 2/3rds point
It was really lovely stopping to have lunch & a rest. Fabulous views.

Tiny wildflowers carpeted the mountain side as we got closer to the top

Of course, its never quite over until you reach the trig point! And just before that there are a number of boulders to navigate and climb before you’re done!

Its always so worth it when you reach the top of these places!
I have more photos but I am a ‘bit’ tired tonight, so will have to add them to my vast list of post processing jobs.
Anyone else do something mad on the first day of the year??


Goodbye 2017

Hello there!
Are you all ushering the new year in in style or going to bed early like me??
I was going to do a post rounding up the years highlights… but…with 15,000 images to choose from the task ended up slightly more daunting than I first thought!
Since I have plans for an early start to 2018, I will try that again tomorrow!

Thanks a million for sticking with me this year, following along with the gardening and other adventures and for those who had time to drop me a line. I really appreciate it!

Have a great night, whatever you are up to and all the best for a smashingly awesome 2018!