I went down the street.
I managed to talk to a LOT of people while in town.
It rained a fair bit.
I fed the chickens and watered the seedlings.
I cut up 46 days worth of meat for Pip’s dinners.
I am over cutting up meat and now want to go to bed.
The End.

haha – sorry. Nothing of note to report! Have a lovely week everyone!


Nice & Cold!

Wow – spring has gotten off to a very icy start! Its snowing not far from here (like up at Fiona’s place!!) and we have had more rain and hail than sun.

A brief moment of sun lights up the plum blossoms beautifully…
Then it immediately clouds over and pours!

The Chooks are doing a stellar job despite the cold! FOUR eggs today!

This afternoon we went into the garage and car port to deal with some of those fence palings… to be honest I would have happily slothed by the fire in front of end to end movies… but its too easy to get veeeerrrry comfortable.

Jeff had dragged a number of palings into the shed which saved a few from being continually soaked.
Out with the power tools!

When we do jobs like this I am always grateful that we somehow ended up being given the saw horses that my clever mother made!

Anyway… I de-nailed the planks and Jeff cut them up. (I was using the saw at first but he was quicker)

Then we sat around for a couple of hours splitting them. We didn’t get them all split, but enough to fill the kindling box at the back door & the rest went into the big kindling box in the BBQ area

There is a nice big pile inside next to the fire drying out and a whole lot more palings in a pile waiting for the next time we get enthusiastic (or run out of kindling!)

I confess I am a little over the icy cold and dreariness and almost continual rain. I’d love another weather break so I can go spend a day in the garden. I really don’t have the motivation to get out and do things in this weather! (Such a sook!)

I did contact a book seller as we want to offload a number of books that we don’t want anymore. Figured it would be less painful to sell in one go rather than trying to get to a market at this time of year selling them one by one. So while we are locked inside, I have started culling the unwanted books in the library! By the sound of the weather out there now I suspect that inside job may continue tomorrow!

Hope everyone else is warm and dry!

Petrified Forest National Park – Part Two

Not much to add to the story of the journey through the Petrified Forest by Wendy and myself.
Just a few more images to enjoy!

As the weather has eroded the landscape, this fabulous chunk of petrified wood has been left its own pedestal!

Lucky it was too big for my backpack… I really liked this piece! 😀

We stopped briefly at the Agate Bridge… I think we were both a little underwhelmed! haha – not saying that its not an amazing tree of petrified wood… Again I was imagining an actual bridge made out of agate! 😀 I suppose after all the other coloured and spectacular views this one didn’t hold our interest quite as much!

At the end of the drive there is a museum and walk around the desert plants & giant logs…

I really loved all the spiky plants!!

Look at the size of that dandelion!! Is that normal?

I think we could have spent hours more here… however there was the Grand Canyon to get to!


Not a good day…

I have to write this post early as I don’t think I can bear to come back later tonight to relive it.

We lost Squirt today. We are devastated – not because she had a relapse, but such a stupid pointless thing.
She was so happy to be out. I stepped out down the street for a short while. Jeff was doing yard work. She wanted to be on the other side of the fence where the other chickens were. Jeff let her in, made sure she was doing ok, then went to get a rake.

Thats all it took. The other chickens killed her! (Or so close to it that poor Jeff had to finish the job). We feel sad and angry at ourselves that we let her down. Not that we could have known. She had been with them before in her weak as a kitten stage with no trouble.
Jeff feels so guilty, like it was his fault – but its not like he threw her in there and left her for hours. It was minutes!! I feel guilty because I left the place and wasn’t here to… I don’t know what!!?? Mostly not being here and Jeff being by himself discovering the poor little girl & blaming himself.

Needless to say there have been a lot of tears and ‘what if’s’ this afternoon
After all that we did to get her well – we were so proud of that and she was having such a happy morning outside! It’s hard to believe she is gone just like that.

Apparently with chickens after they have been separated for more than three days you need to re introduce them as you would a new chicken. I hate crappy lessons you learn too late and the heart wrenchingly hard way.
I know she was ‘only a chicken’ but you know how we feel about them.

She is buried deep in the hothouse with a little stone and plum blossom on the sad, fresh turned earth.

Thanks for listening xx

Square Eyes

I can’t make up my mind whether Pip is off to a poetry review or plotting to kill me.

Hello! I dipped into the archive Pip photos because I had no other new photos or news to share today! Plus these make me smile. Cats do ‘relaxed’ so well!

I spent a lot of hours today in front of the computer with the wedding photos.
You know… when they say wedding photos are forever I didn’t think that applied to the photographer!! 

I got most of the formal ones sorted out. I was hoping to get further today but I was slowed down by a fair bit of retouching work (and I am not so great at it so that eats up a lot of time)
Things like creating grass instead of a grubby unkempt ground, removing ugly signs and in a number of cases – swapping heads!! Seriously! There were some wedding party members who were terrible blinkers!!
With a party of 11 its hard to get everybody doing the right thing at the same time.
My biggest advice? Elope! Just kidding.

It was dark, cold and gloomy today so really it was the perfect day to work indoors on this.
I just feel like I am going a little stir crazy right now!

Time for me to follow Pip’s fabulous example and put myself to bed.

Hope your weekends are great!



Kitchen Idea

Seems like all of the Norwich House Staff are getting a bit lax these days.
The chooks actually managed three eggs today, although why I was excited about this is a mystery as we have 10 girls – 30% laying is nothing to do a song and dance over.
AND while I was away we have had MICE move in!! What were those boys doing? The furry one in particular really needs to pull his socks up.

I want to get my food into better storage containers – and my younger chef sister, Michelle, gave me a really great suggestion.
Lots of restaurants get their supplies in large lidded buckets/containers that often get thrown away.
So I walked the main street of Wynyard this afternoon and came away with two large sized containers (free) from one of the local take-away shops. Another cafe told me they had just given theirs away but to return at the end of the week as there hopefully would be some more!

Ok – so… they are not the last word in decor, but they were free. And right now I am more than happy with free!
The less food in easy access to mice the better.
Oh the joys of an old country home!

Hope your day was mouse-free!


Proud Sister

Hello – I am skipping any stories of me today (mostly because it involved being on the computer or in the kitchen or other mundane things)
One of my sisters, Rosemary, had a much more interesting day.

The Australian War Memorial in Canberra holds a daily Last Post Ceremony to commemorate the fallen, lay wreaths and pay tribute to a particular soldier.

Rosemary, a Wing Commander in the Royal Australian Air Force, was the officer who presented the story of Private John Townshend Glennie, a young man who lost his life in 1935, aged only 34.

The War Memorial streams these live so I was able to take a peek and be the proud sister that I am! You can have a look too if you like here Although I suggest you fast forward at least the first 4 minutes which is the burning flame.
(Apart from the ceremony, there is a persistent noisy cockatoo that happily screeched his way through the ceremony. Rosemary said she was trying not to take any notice of him – they are funny birds!)

Rosemary has often done the ANZAC ceremony at our parents retirement village.
For those not familiar, ANZAC stands for the Australian & New Zealand Army Corps who fought at Gallipoli in World War 1. The day of remembrance is the 25th of April, and in my mind, the most important day of the year for us. The story is worth knowing and we are incredibly proud of this sad history.

The day now broadly commemorates all Australians and New Zealanders who served and died in all wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping operations.

After the service, we all come out to see the wreath laid and observe a minute of silence
A short word or two before hand
Max lays the wreath
Silence and a salute
Max (one of the villagers that served) and Rosemary
Explanations about the medals and ribbons to the younger generation (Nephew and niece, Riley and Georgia)
Proud Parent Moment…

I hope everybody elses day was less domestic than mine!



I mentioned a few posts back about super-budgeting.
It bugs me how the hot water part of the electricity bill is separate from the ‘normal’ power. We have solar panels which helps, but not with the water side of things. Getting a solar hot water system really isn’t cost effective for us – just doing the basic math… we probably use about $400 per year’s worth of hot water… so a few thousand dollars to install a system would take too long to pay off. So we didn’t even really look at it.
So… recently taken to heating up my washing up water on the fire to do the dishes!!
I do my dishes by hand anyway – and its really not that difficult to leave a pot of water on the fire, so its ready when I am to do the washing up.

The frosts are starting to set in lately and the tomato plants at the back door are starting to feel the effect. I thought I should take a bunch of laterals (suckers) and see if I can get them producing roots for a nice early spring start to get a bunch of cherry tomato plants going!
If you have not grown new tomato plants from laterals… click here to see my post about how to do it. So easy to get free plants!

The latest Photo Challenge is just wrapping up… well, that is all the albums are ready for photos but we are waiting on stragglers to submit images so we can move along with the voting! So nothing different to normal!
Anyway, I spent most of the day with the wedding photos, so below are the last few days subjects with my submissions!
The voting is tough as usual… so many great photos and cool subject interpretations!


Day 7 – Camouflaged
Day 8 – Locks and/or Key/s
Day 9 – Urban Decay
Day 10 – Small

The Back Paddock

I used this one

Hello! Friday is done and dusted!
Apart from some mundane shopping and a few other things, I had to get a ‘Fence’ photo for tomorrows challenge subject.
That was meant to be an easy one! I passed SO MANY amazing ones on my USA road trip but wasn’t smart enough to ask my friend to pull over!
I did a bit of a drive up the Calder Rd but found nothing to my liking.
So I jumped the fence (a non-aesthetically pleasing one) and went into the paddock behind our house to see what I could find.
Sigh… nothing like I wanted. Oh well… make the best of it.
Oh – and don’t touch the electric fences!! haha

Overgrown a bit!
Rich afternoon light!

I couldn’t pass up trying a few shots of the hay shed while I was out there with my tripod

Just for fun… these are each actually five shots at different exposures merged into a single shot.

I need to do more of these types of shots – but its called ‘not being lazy’ and actually carry a tripod and spend some more time setting up rather than randomly snapping away!

I’ll wait until I have my USA shots under control!

Anyway, almost time for bed. I was a bit naughty tonight. Jeff went to bed crazy early so in a fit of loneliness I made a batch of hot buttery pikelets and scoffed 3/4 of them!! (and washed them down with a hot chocolate!)
I now have Pikelet Regret.
They were good but now trying to work out how far I have to hike in what kind of weather tomorrow to make up for that!