Its so late again and my plans for an early night were thwarted.
I had a few photos and a short story to share but that will have to wait.
But here is a teaser from the unexpected events of tonight:

Cat on lead
Angry possums
8 Sleepy Chooks
1 tiger snake in the chicken coop!
Cousin Beau
Boarder Kirrily
Chris from Estonia
Cousin Beaus friend with shotgun

Relocate chooks from coop – acts of bravery and heroism from Norwich House Home Owner (me in Jeffs gumboots)
8 trips into coop to pluck unhappy chickens off their roost

To Be Continued

Are you on the edge of your seats??

Totally never a dull moment around here! (I had to explain to Chris not to expect this level of entertainment tomorrow night!!)
I’ll catch you with the full story in a day or so!

Have an awesome day


Pantry Day

Welcome to insane-ville!
I had some garden update photos but since its 1.30am and I haven’t managed to post process them because I got caught up with ‘stuff’
So… I am doing a flying visit to my blog.

I spent most of the day pulling the pantry apart, cleaning, sorting and putting it back together again.
I am a happier person even though I was stuck inside.

Tomorrow we have a ‘random traveller’ (Hi Chris) hopefully arriving tomorrow for a couple of nights. We met Chris climbing the Cradle Summit a few weeks back and invited him to Norwich House if he got this way before our other guests arrived.
Also a Japanese lady is being dropped off at our place for the day tomorrow to join in on any hiking adventures that might happen.

Oh – I did manage to bake a cake.

A brief escape outside to enjoy the garden – the self seeded tomatoes here are total champions!

Anyway, best get to bed if I want to be a sane host that can string a sentence together!

Hopefully catch you again soon


Loving our fresh corn!

Oodles of Pots

Hi – just mundane stuff today.
Was time for the BBQ area to be cleared out and sorted again.
I didn’t get it quite finished because it took so long to wash out the spidery grotty pots!
I figure I might put a few bundles out the front for sale when I put my veggie tables back out the front.

This area is too easy to put stuff in when you are in a hurry!

I have some more things to sort in there, but the really time consuming part of the job is done.
Finished off the day with a tasty vegetable mix over pasta. And a bit of leftover apple slump! Never going hungry around here thats for sure!

Enjoy the week ahead!


Tied Up Tomatoes

Tasmania had one of its spectacular weather hissy-fits today!
I extracted myself from housework this afternoon to get out and do something useful in the garden and – its overcast and spitting. Not bad. Then the sun came out and I was baking – had to go in and get my hat!
About 15 minutes later, it all changed, I got cold and rained on – a lot. Then the cycle started again !!

A lot of windfall apples!! This trees fruit won’t be really ready for another month. The other tree we are eating a few from… a bit tart but enjoyable. They will sweeten up eventually.
I need to see if I can make some kind of cider soup thats nutritious for the garden out of the windfalls.

Oh – and you should see the hugely fat pademelon (small wallaby) that is gorging itself on the windfalls!! Such a big bottom its a wonder it can still bounce!!! Spotted it tonight. Will work on getting a photo for you!

Jeff got in and did a lot of pruning today! Now its a lot easier to use the pathways without fighting our trees!

Self seeded pumpkin doing really well! Have no idea what variety it is, but its free and has needed no help from me!

This tomato patch was full of sprawling tomatoes – the wind was keeping them flattened too, so about time to get in and tie them all up. (And weed)

I am enjoying this whole new garden area. So much produce in a small space! Even the new planting of sunflowers are going well and about to bloom!

I tied up some other tomatoes too … but after staring at these self seeded beauties, I just shrugged and told them they could do what they wanted! They are so huge I just don’t know where to begin. I think I will just let them be wild.

I have officially lost control of the hothouse!
There is a good days work in there to untangle things and sort it out. Never mind. I am quite liking it!

The passionfruit is loving its new home in the hothouse. Hopefully I will get in and train it a bit better and cut it back a bit before it totally takes over. Also hoping next year the fruit is a bit bigger and more plentiful, but thrilled with the few small ones we got for our first season.

Last task in the garden today was to do the rounds and harvest a few things!
Will make up some more pasta mix tomorrow and use up some more of the ripe tomatoes and zucchinis.

Hope your weekend is fabulous!

Tea Cake Recipe

I can’t quite find in past posts if I shared the recipe for this one.

So… because I was embroiled in housework all day I thought I would just share it with you tonight instead of boring you with tales of vacuuming and window cleaning!

This is a recipe from my Great Grandmother.
Its not fancy, but its a lovely easy cake to whip up and you are more than likely to have all the ingredients on hand. And I think its ‘Tea Cake’ as in ‘Afternoon Tea’
Now I am talking about it I wish I had baked another one today!


1/4lb butter/marg (125gm)
1.5 cups sugar (due to slight guilt I use a little less)
2 well beaten eggs
2 cups Self Raising flour (Sifted)
1 cup Full cream milk
1 teaspoon vanilla essence


Cream butter and sugar
Add eggs
Add flour and milk (and vanilla) alternately and beat well

Pour into well greased round tin (I line bottom with baking paper)

Put into a ‘hot’ oven (I preheat to 200C)(392F) then turn back to 180C (356F) 5 minutes after I put the cake mixture in.
Cook for about 30-40 minutes. Just test with skewer
Butter top while warm and sprinkle with cinnamon and caster sugar!

Enjoy xx


Hi there!
Sorry for the none appearance in the last couple of days. I seem to be getting out of whack with everything!
We did get out for a walk – as you can see from the above photo. I thought it would be a great idea to take my new boots for a test run (hike).
And… because I am an idiot, I thought the very best idea was to just put them on and do a two hour hike over Anniversary Bay instead of taking them to the supermarket… or down to visit the chickens… or a lap around the kitchen.
Oh yeah… didn’t take bandaids either.
You can work the results out for yourselves! haha

At least we remembered the fly veils… the flies have been really sticky lately.

OK… so, yesterday the weather kicked up a fuss and we woke to howling wind, rain, a drop in temperature and no power for over 10 hours.

My most recent corn patch was being flattened, so between rain squalls, I set up the netting over the patch just to give it a little bit more of a wind break

Today I got back onto the relish that I started the other day – since the power seemed to be staying on. So nice to have a full batch again ready to scoff into!

Oh and check out the mealworm gang!! I have lots that have turned into pupae!! I still don’t know exactly what I am doing yet, but so far so good:

They wriggle a bit when you poke them

Then, every now and again I pinch off a cos lettuce flower bud and empty out the seeds. Not something I could sit and do in one hit… so many and so little and fiddly. So just a few here and there every now and again and I should end up with a nice collection of seeds.

So … Timeline?
Wanna hear whats on the go? (Feel free to skip to tomato photo at the end!!!)

This weekend we are taking on a boarder. My cousins girlfriend needed a place to move to, so we thought we would put up our hand. We have thought about renting a room for ages, but… procrastination set in and also working out how to get someone that is not an axe murderer. (And who loved Pip)
We cleared out her room of our ‘stuff’ dusted, pulled out furniture, vacuumed, mopped, removed spiderwebs etc etc. Its about done and hopefully comfy.

In 10 days three Japanese boys arrive and stay for about three weeks although we are working out how to get them over to my friend in Melbourne (Rachel) for a few days as well and the cheapest options for them to do it. (The Bass Straight can be an expensive bit of water!)
Room upstairs is about half ready. Lots of ideas in my head on where to take them and things to do! (and cook!)

Pretty much the day the boys fly out, my business partner and his wife from my Canberra business are coming to stay for a week!! Can’t wait to see them as they haven’t seen our place in Tasmania yet!

The day they are planning on leaving is the day Jeff heads off on his Overland Trek.

Today I got a message from another Japanese friend to say her daughter and cousin are coming to visit in April.
9th – 22nd and want to also squeeze in a visit to Rachel in Melbourne/Ballarat and my sister Rosemary in Brisbane.
Mind you… on the 14th April is when Fiona and I head off on our Overland hike!!

I think that is about it without the obvious inclusions of the normal things to be done in the garden/kitchen etc etc.
Not scared.
Time to install that revolving door??

I am really looking forward to seeing everyone and playing tour guide.
Never a dull moment! But I will be a happier person once I get the housework under control!

Hope everyone is having a splendid week!

Almost a Day in my Nightie.

So… I actively planned to do nothing today.
I really tried to sloth.
Eventually I got the guilts and (still in my nightie) chopped up the tomato and onion to make some relish!
I cried a lot. (onions, not because I failed to sloth)

I’ll probably cook it up tomorrow.

I did get out of my nightie before wandering about the yard. Saves explaining myself when I get caught by people dropping in! (I did replace the nightie with outside clothes otherwise the explaining might have had to be more creative)

Compared to last years pathetic attempt at pumpkins, this season is going fabulously well! I think I have at least 5 of this type of pumpkin growing happily. I have heaps of the smaller butternuts growing beautifully too!

Did I mention I finally pickled some beetroot the other day? Have been scoffing it ever since.

The potatoes are slowly dying off. I am hoping they will be ready to dig up completely while the three Japanese boys are here. They might enjoy the process!

Dodgy photo but this patch is my second round of sunflowers! While I was in the garden I did some random weeding around the place – just because I could! Every bit helps right?

This discovery made me laugh. I finally have my first watermelon!!!!
What a pip-squeak!

Another haul of apple cucumber, a few beans, tomatoes and some corn for dinner!

Well… that was my day.
I have plans to be more exciting tomorrow!


Red hot basket of chillies!


Slow Sunday!!

Hi there!
Last night I baked a tea cake as my cousin and his girlfriend were popping in to see me today. I thought baking a cake would be civilised! 🙂

It turned out pretty well… and there is none left! Good sign I guess! Jeff took the last bit to work with him.

I squeezed in a little house painting – I had to wash it down first. Hot day again so it dried quickly and was able to get the first coat on in short order. The weatherboards here are a bit dodgier than the other areas… Still, its has come up ok so far.

I went down and collected my lettuce seeds. They are now sitting in a box in the sunroom drying.

Not too much else to share today!
Nice to have a slower Sunday!



Would you look at that! A lovely afternoon of decent soaking rain!
The garden was loving it. I think its great the leaves on a lot of the plants sit up like cups when it rains!

It made a lovely change. I let it get on with it and stayed mostly inside and continued my domestic bliss.
Apart from decluttering and vacuuming, I managed to bake bread and a cake.
Nothing earth shattering tho 🙂

Hope your weekend has started well!

More Painting, More Weeding

Nice and grubby today! I am trying to encourage myself to get at least an hour of weeding done per day. That’s got to help doesn’t it?

We did get a bit further on the tall front part of the house

Jeff wobbled about on the extension ladder and I did some second coats of the lower half.

Meanwhile – I started with this:

And ended up with this:

The parsley has self seeded ferociously!!

I also managed to put together a little plot of celery by relocating some self seeded plants

My dodgy bit of plastic worked… now to get some more convenient sized stuff to work with over the pathways in the garden to kill some more weeds!

The accidental potatoes in the failed broccoli patch are enormous!! I have never seen plants like it! They are huge and spilling over the side. I dug about and found some really good sized spuds in there too! I need this plot back soon but don’t have the heart to uproot them until they are ready. Hoping for a lot of potatoes from them

The newer patches of lettuce and beetroot are going beautifully!

Gave everything a good drink today. Its just so incredibly dry and hot! Not used to that anymore. So glad we have the bore!

The last day of the challenge is today (when I say last day I mean last album to be posted and then follows ten more days of annoying people to get their last images in and vote haha.)
Anyway, subject was twisty… had a nice time sitting down and photographing the tendrils from the adventurous pumpkin plants!

Have a great weekend everyone!